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    S3 or not to S3

    If your interested im selling mine!
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    Not a good night for Audi

    The most annoying thing here is that if these thieving scum try to take your keys or break into your house there is nothing you can do about it! The current law almost requires you to gift wrap the keys for them! Someone breaks into mine after my S3 and they will be greated by a nunchaka through...
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    Smell of petrol?

    I got into my car today to go home from a short trip out and smelt petrol. I then went out again later and noticed the same but the smell was outside the car. It seems to be somewhere down the drivers side of the car but i cant find where. Ihad it on ramps at my garage and there is no sign of a...
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    Abs Sensor

    I have this problem on my S3. I get the abs light on when I start up and the ESP is disabled on occassion. After it warms up though it clears most times. I took it to the jet wash and gave it a good clean and seems better but think its gonna need taken off and cleaned. jet wash did good though.
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    Idea's on wheels please - max £700 they do some great deals. Top service to.
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    accident advice

    What ever you do, when your car goes in to the garage, walk around it with a fine tooth comb and ensure any scratches, knocks etc are recorded. That way when you pick it up, you can make sure if there is anything out of place they have no room ti wriggle out of it. Always worth a few minutes of...
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    Quattro System?

    I may have missed it, but how does the Quattro system on my my S3 work? is it perm 4 wd? what ratio is the power split to the wheels etc? I know i should know this!! Cheers :arco:
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    S3 2002 bose system retro fit

    i agree. although the head unit looks good if you wire a decent amp and sub in the system actually transforms really well.
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    hazard light switch

    I have a fault with my indicators that i believe is down to a faulty relay in the hazard light switch. i bought a new one, but how do you fit it?? after taking a bit apart it looks like you have to remove the whole middle part of the dash? this cant be surely? pics always appreciated...
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    Retro fit heated seats??

    did audi ever fit the heated pads in the seats meaning you just have to fit the controls?? My car was imported from the netherlands, that make a difference??
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    S3 anyone?

    I'm gonna have to sell my S3 everyone. Anyone interested? 2001 225bhp S3 Quattro 26000 miles Ming Blue Revo Chip Mint condition £11500 Si
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    Can I use VAGCOM to read the millage recorded on the ECU on a 51 plate S3? If so how?? Thanks
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    S3 ESP Warning Light

    I had this on my S3. Plugged VAGCOM in and was intermittent reading from one of the wheel speed sensors. Sometimes it disabled just the ESP, sometimes the ABS as well. Took the car to the jet wash, blasted the wheel throught the alloy (not too hard) and hey presto!! Hope it helps
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    Hi all im new to vag com and do not yet have the registered version. Is it possible to make the led's in the doors flash on my 51plate S3 when the alarm is on? I also only see the lights flash when I arm the alarm and would like it to flash on arm and disarm, and want it to beep. Is any of this...
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    Power cable

    I need to run a power cable from my engine bay to the boot. Where is the best place to run this through?? Pics would be great!! 51 plate S3 Si