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    Its time to go :-( Now up for Sale

    Classifieds: Audi A4 Avant S-Line BIG SPEC sad to leave it, but will return in one way or another
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    Anyone got led rear lights

    Dectane are out of stock with the reds - you really have to be quick as they dont hang around i would prefer reds on mine, but i waited over 6 months when they were totally out of stock everywhere, then i found a set of red/smoked and took them. i shall be getting the red ones when i can find...
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    Anyone got led rear lights

    In bright sunshine my dectane on my b7 avant - trust me, Dectane are the best ones on the OEM market
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    Anyone got led rear lights

    do a search, this has been discussed lots of times - i posted my Dectane ones recently
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    bentley conti gtc 19's on H&R 45mm drop

    the wheels on the above must have spacers on the front and the tyres look the wrong size, mine has the h&r springs with bentleys;
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    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    And the radio works fine, but reception is not as strong
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    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    HI, as per my write Up if you look at my concert wiring diagram on the B section you can see the bose is 2nd in from the bottom left, make sure you get this right ! pin no 1 is bottom right put this to pin B7 which you can see if you refer to the seat unit is the pin that bose goes to. the...
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    Has anyone used bg244 diesel additive in their 2.0tdi?

    Hi chaps i have just put some BG244 into my 2.0 TDI fairly quickly ( within a few hundred miles ) i noticed a quieter idle and a smoothness to the engine, also i am sure i get less of a kickback of blacksmoke that sometimes happens with these engines. for £20 you cant go wrong
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    What are Bentleys ?

    here by b7 avant; the wheels are 19x9 so do not fit straight on with 'normal' tyres, the offset and PCD are the same as they are a VAG fitment the tyres i used on mine are 235 x 35x 19 and provide a small stretch as i dont like the stretch look. they certainly get the attention, my missus...
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    So i just cleaned my EGR....

    Hi guys, slightly off, but i put a can of BG244 into my 2.0 TDI after reading great reviews, i can confirm in my case that after a few hundred miles, my idle and smoothness of the engine were noticable, also i dont seem to get the odd puff of the black smoke associated with our cars, so its a...
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    LED sidelight bilbs

    i did an extensive write up and fitting guide on both these issues, if you search you will find it
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    9" REAR tyres on Bentleys possible ??

    hi all my fronts are wearing down nicely - are now sat at about 3mm, so i am thinking of renewing them soon ish. i thought about switching them to the rears if i can easily get 9" tyres on my bentley rims with no arch work, i sem to recall it may be a bit tight on the inside so maybe a small...
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    DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7

    as above you cannot do anything without VCDS ensure you tell the unit what car its in and what options you have fitted using vcds - this ensures you get the steering wheel working correctly if you have the controls and change the startup menu accordingly, as above i use 0 for defaullt as its the...