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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Interesting that your window surrounds have black trim but your grill surround is chrome. Have you had them wrapped?
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    More pics please!
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    Audi Service Plan

    Just received an email from Audi offering £468 for my first two services (2.0 TFSI) with the ability to spread the cost over 18 months, so £26 per month if I so wish. This covers the first service (Oil) and second serivce (Oil and inspection) only. I'm presuming any other consumables deemed in...
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    I have but not on the A4. Few on here have though. Had them on my A3 8P a few years back now. No issues.
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    Anyone quite quickly regretted buying?

    Can't say I regret buying but seeing lightly used nearly new C8 A6 Avants at a similar price to what I paid new has me thinking about how much it would cost to change.
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    Is that the front or rear wheel-arch liner? I can't work out if the larger plastic trim at the bottom is a mud flap or the extra trim peice s-lines with 19"s have on the rear arches. Let us know how you get on with the repair.
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    Dynamic Front Indicators

    Re the fronts... is this just coding or is a hardware change required?
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    I cleaned mine (yesterday). First pic I've posted with windows tinted too.
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    Short video, A4 Facelift exterior turbo blue from Paris Motorshow

    Love the turbo blue and RS6 Plus style wheels. Are we getting those options in the UK?
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    Radio Intermittent Operation

    I've noticed mine drops, but only for a few seconds so not too fussed really.
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    here... £190 from b-pillar back. 30% tint (I think). Photos will have to wait - weathers ****.
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Got the rear windows tinted.
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    What are Audi like for compensation/goodwill gestures?

    Collection of my car was delayed by approx 4 hours. Was gifted £250 in accessory vouchers by way of compensation. Considering I didn’t even ask I thought that quite generous. One of the items I ordered ended up being delivered twice too!
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    Facelift What happened to all the leasing deals!

    Saw a 68 plate Q8 at the weekend so some cars are getting through.
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    S4 vs A4 rear wheel's well difference

    I'm with Grumpz, except my car isn't quattro. I also stick by what I said back in post 2 (legislation around wheels/tyres in relation to bodywork) and what others have confirmed already. Amazed some are still trying to find a different explanation.