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    APR drop stage 2 remaps

    Apr uk
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    Saloon IE Exhaust

    It’s definitely got a rasp too it and I’m not keen on that but I’m hopefully it sounds better over time but if not I doubt I’ll be getting one.
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    Saloon IE Exhaust

    Can’t wait to hear this exhaust as it could be on my list as soon as it’s out. Plus they use there own exhaust valves so hopefully no rattle, only issue is silver tips but I’m sure they can be painted or find someone to make titanium tips.
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    Is an upgraded intake really worth it?

    Got a friend to weld 4” pipe and then just powder coated it.
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    Is an upgraded intake really worth it?

    Just make your own I did
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    RS3 Inspection Service - 18k / 24 month

    I use awesomeGTi and Ecotune for all my work, main dealers are useless.
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    RS3 TTE777 hybrid Testing

    If the tte777 will do a 9 on pump fuel I’m in
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    Stage Three Build

    Not really unless you go iroz motorsport big turbo, I’m waiting to see if APR are going to bring out mapping for something bigger
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    Stage Three Build

    Yes unless you go with APR which is all awesome deal with so they will prob only have the map for the tte700.
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    Stage Three Build

    Depending on who’s mapping the car will determine which turbo you can run.
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    RS3 Servicing Prices

    Awesome GTi tomorrow for its first 1 year service £230, I only wanted a oil change but it’s not a lot more for a few more checks. I’ll get them to check for updates for Apr Stage 2 and I’ve already had the spark plugs change when I did Stage 2.
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    Rs3 Eventuri Intake and others

    I just made one but will need a change it once I go big turbo at some point. The noise you get from the turbo and wastegate is amazing.
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    FL Insurance

    Just done mine stage2 plus wheels and springs 5K miles 9+ year no claims protected £950
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    Awesome GTi TTrs

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    Awesome GTi TTrs

    It’s gone 9.5 today with its hybrid turbo stage 3 car. Is it time to go Stage 3 with the rs3