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    anyones old silver rs3 ( oe16 pbz)

    Registration number and spec are very similar to my old PFL which was ex Audi management. One thing I missed was Comfort & Sound pack (but the pops and bangs made up for it) and personally I wouldn’t buy an RS3 without panoramic roof
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    Facelift Picked up my RS3 today, come from an RS6.. Splitters..

    Absolutely stunning - black styling pack every time for me :icon thumright:
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    Brand new RS3 Saloon

    Ara Blue for the win :icon thumright: Looks stunning, congratulations
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    Facelift Picked up my RS3 today, come from an RS6.. Splitters..

    Lovely looking motor, have a look at Maxton Design for splitters and side skirts :icon thumright:
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    Too many owners?

    3 year old car with 2 owners is as good as it gets - especially if the first owner was a main dealer
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    MY 19 spec cars

    It’s the “car” that needs to be compliant though and while the engine may be compliant in the TTRS body it may not be when you factor in the extra weight and less efficient aero of the Rs3. The new WLTP tests are far more stringent than the NEDC assessments they have replaced and I fear Audi are...
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    Used Car Values Increased ?

    It’s worth remembering that these automated valuation sites generate a figure based on CAP which in turn does not take into consideration any extra specification. For a true valuation speak to a specialist who knows about desirable spec and I’m sure you’d be bid thousands more. As Doc says RS3...
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    What's this worth?

    If you are genuinely looking to sell then try Ash Motors, they will give good money for clean, high spec RS3s.
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Looks great Derby Audi?
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    Used Car Values Increased ?

    A lot of used VAG models have seen increases in value since September 2018 due to the impact of WLTP and the lack of new cars available to the dealer network. There has been more competition for stock hence prices have risen for desirable models. CAP values of RS3s have always been quite harsh...
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    Kerbed Alloy

    Can recommend Perfection Group in Leicester, speak to Fraser he’s a top bloke. I know there’s an issue with the Audi Sport emblem when face cutting RS3 wheels but it looks like placement is different on the TTRS so you should be fine.
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    Still in Love with the RS3 or wanting something else?

    M4 looks stunning, colour combination is amazing - Enjoy!
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Love it Billy, great colour choice. Have you put the carbon diffuser on? If so have you got any pictures please?
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    Quick and cheap mods

    Thank you sir :icon thumright: