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    Odd tyres on an S3 - problem?

    I have Conti SC2 on my S3 that need replacing and I was going to get the Sports Contact 5s. Where did you get the 4x F1s for £475 from? They keep coming up at £170-£225 each!
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    Petrol or Diesel....Your opinions

    Beware the DPF on the 170 if you aren't doing lots of motorway miles. I had nothing but trouble from it.
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    S3 MPG

    I get 13-18 around London and 30-33 on motorway. My average since getting the car (1300 miles) is about 29.
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    Alternative to RNS-E?

    Ok yes I use it for music and it does look good, was just saying I prefer to use my tomtom for directions. Horses for courses...
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    Alternative to RNS-E?

    Dont want to **** on your sale here but for £200 you can just get a TomTom. And it'll give you speed cameras, updated weekly. Looking at the TomTom map is a bit safer as well as you just look to the left a little and not down at the central console. I dont use my RNS-E at all.
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    New Tyres for my S3?

    Sorry if thsi is a dumb question but should you replace all 4 tyres at the same time on 4WD cars?
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    Damaged at the Dealers - advice please!

    The UK has always been terrible for customer service. A few years ago there seemed to be a big push to improve it, but then, as with everything in this country, it was quietly dumped coz it was too much effort. People complain about the yanks a lot and how false their "Have a nice day" sounds...
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    HELP>Tips on buying a new shape S3

    I also had this issue. They list it under "AUDI A3 2.0T S3 QUATTRO". It isnt immediately obvious which is the S3 until you read through each model. I also have no idea why they print the first bit in Bold but the rest isnt. Even after finding this I still had to call them to get the quote...
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    Loss of power after first service (2.0 TDI 170 DPF)

    Its very nice. I think its a great looking car and I still admire it when I walk past it in the street. Its nice to drive too, the turbo is much more gradual than the 170 and its good not to wheelspin all the time. All in all I'm really glad I have the S3 but if it wasnt for the DPF thingy...
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    Loss of power after first service (2.0 TDI 170 DPF)

    Completely agree with you on that point. After around 5 months I had to get rid of mine, the DPF was unreliable to the point that I pretty much stopped using the car.
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    What do you do with yours?

    18-20... otherwise I'll just fall asleep :lazy:
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    12.5k budget - what should i get A3 wise....

    My old 07 A3 2.0TDI (170) with full leather, 6 cd changer, 18" 20-spoke rims, immaculate interior, sold for about £13k. You'll definitely be able to afford something great!
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    S3 Insurance?

    Mine is with Direct Line and its about £1k. I've only had a licence for about 18 months though...
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    I get about 32-33 average in my S3 starting in london then on to a long motorway journey. In town I get 18-23.
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    A few things that annoy me with the S3

    I find the gear change from 1st to 2nd isnt particularly smooth....... although that could be down to my driving skills too.