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    Ignition live 2007 a3

    All up and running. Cheers all! think i may have the wrong loom. Got no rear speaker sound and the wiring doesnt seem to match up through the loom good job i’ve got a clear sunday
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    Ignition live 2007 a3

    Morning all i’ve been given an aftermarket double din by my old man. He bought it for his van, but didnt realise the single/double din difference anyhoo.. i’m fitting it just to try it. I’ve got the aftermarket surround, cage, loom etc. But i’m going to need to find an ignition live. Having...
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    PRNDS Flashing

    evening all 57 A3 auto. 2L TD PRNDS Flashing and EM light too, just happened! Stops when restart car, happens as soon as it goes into Drive. Stuck in limp at 20mph, however, put into neutral, let revs die down and then put back into drive, it kicks up a couple gears into third, and i can get...