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    sorry i've not been on in a while well the head gasket was gone all the vaccum pipes split front left bushes gone brakes on the way out engine was running on 3 cylinders and the radiator had a hole in it as well as a water leak from thermostat housing as i didnt have the cash i just got rid of...
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    just a wee post to say my s3 has ben sold the engine needed replaced according to my audi specialist and said it could run into thousands upon thousands of pounds so it was time to say bye so it got traded in and ive ended up with a family car :angrymod:i'll miss my s3 tho ill not miss the bills...
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    Where has all the V-Power gone?

    same as dani in my area weve got vpower just need to rob a bank to pay for it lol
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    Temperature Gauge Hitting 120 Degrees?

    if your getting the pump done you may aswell get the stat done whilst the systems losing fluid when the pump gets done
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    3 Beeps When Braking.

    i was getting the same issue when it happens press the clock dial and it comes up on the dis mines was brake fluid , topped it up today and alas the beeping stopped :icon_thumright:
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    a3 18t fitted clocks today but now car wont start im desperate for help plz

    don't know it anyone has mentioned it but i think tou need the clocks coded m8 :idea:
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    sorry abut the grammer noted for next time lol
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    yeah still getting the propper heat out of the matrix thats why im confussed and feard the worst
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    hi all been losing coolant recently and the exhaust has been smoking constantly but im not using exess oil so im cunfussed is it a hg issue or a turbo issue although ive found what looks like ccolant in the drivers footwell its wet and has a white ring round the mat so has any one got any ideas...
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    Stopped by the police!!!

    got pulled 3 weeks ago in the s3 by the traff's asked if it was my car did all the checks and then did a warent(sp?) check on me cheeky bastids luckly me and the car were clean no previous lol i just think the cops were jelous of the s3 lol thats what the missus thinks anyway lol :nyah:
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    should my car have a boot/door open warning light?

    pre facelifts dont have warning lights ive got a s3 pre and i aint got it
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal !

    lmao just dont push it too hard matey :respekt:
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal !

    you will need to get that checked m8 i had the clutch pedal go oan me it's a common fault apparently the slave cylnder bends the pedal :ohmy:
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    aaaaaaaaaargh !!!!!

    checked the fluid after running for a while and its full tho it was frothy !!!!! dont think its supposed to be more moneys going on the ess3 me thinks :motz:
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    aaaaaaaaaargh !!!!!

    fluid is full tuffty they put new fluid in when they changed the rack so thats why am thinking pump maybye ?