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    B9 tuning options

    Yes - I missed them on my list and agree with your assessment. I live in Australia the country of high temps and **** fuel quality - power aplenty with the APR with NO hardware mods. You do not need to touch the I/C and remember that your tune is calibrated for use with your car as-is. Resist...
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    B9 tuning options

    Good result! Threw the Michelins out after 500km - they may be a 'cult' tyre but I will not use them again the harshest and noisiest tyre I have ever used. Out of all those I have tried on the S4 - Michelin PS4S, Continental, Kumho, Pirelli PZ4s and Dunlop SP Sport Max - the Dunlops have been...
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    B9 tuning options

    Uncertain - however I have never touched the gearbox since I did an APR DSG tweak many years ago on a Stage 2+ GTI - too aggressive by far. The APR ECU works superbly with the 8 speed as-is and no need to change anything. As to what power…..tested and rechecked 0-60 is 3.5 seconds which is more...
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    B9 tuning options

    Not really appropriate for me to comment. In Australia our fuel quality is really poor. Combine that with the fact that I will always run the best available fuel in all my cars and for me 98 RON is a given. Discuss with your APR tuner and together decide whether to set a 95 or 98 tune...
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    B9 tuning options

    Correct! 98RON for a 98RON tune. Now that the engine is run in repeatable performance is phenomenal with 3.5 0-100kph with seamless delivery. Absolutely delighted - a little expensive but what you get for that investment makes it more than worthwhile. I have had two professional rally drivers...
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    Anyone replaced the battery in their B9 key?

    The batteries in both remotes should be replaced at every warranty service at no charge. Dingah
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    Has Anyone Had Their Satellite View Re-Enabled Via The Audi Update?

    yes - during February service, done for free, no drama and all functionality now returned.
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    Tuning box recommendations for 2.0 tdi

    Only one data point for you but I would use DTUK again if the need arises. Used previously on SQ5 and RSQ3 to achieve very positive performance increases. On the SQ5 the DPF burn off routine occurred more regularly than without but having only used the DTUK for 2 years without an issue I am not...
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    Audi S4 B9 (2017) Stage 2 tune

    I have 440 BHP with APR Stage 1 - IMHO no sane reason to have more power - 3.5sec 0-60. The law of diminishing returns will likely see you spend a small fortune in trying to derive equal or slightly more with potentially unknown results. Dingah
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    Tpms antenne local

    TPMS calculates and monitors rolling radius. Simple, effective solution that works negating the need for an unnecessarily complex alternative. Rather than pretty poor it’s pretty smart befitting the Audi marque. Safe motoring and safe distancing. Dingah
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    2021 Map Update

    Yesterday I found and updated via the 2020/2021 Maps for AUS/NZ. Dingah
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    S4 B9 Stage 1

    Just a quickie to provide a bit more of a complete(dish) picture. Have tried most tuning solution of through an SQ5, RSQ3 and now a B9S4. Before the Audis there were also a range of bespoke and APR tuned Ford and VAG cars.. Have generally gone with DTUK/MTM for the on/off solution and they have...
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    B9 tuning options

    There is so much wrong in that post ........
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    B9 tuning options

    Here in Oz I use 98RON as it is the best quality fuel available here; it does carry a significant at-the-pump cost premium though. For some absurd reason Australia has to endure some of the crapiest fuel qualities of almost any other country; 98RON provides the best chance of minimising the...
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    B9 tuning options

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted that marketing cr*p from their website. No it is not bespoke which is why I prefer it, It is a thoroughly researched and exhaustively engineered solution that is the same for all purchasers. That is why it is safe and that is why you don't spend countless hours...