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    Rattles in doors

    Mine rattles when the window is fully up and it's the guides on the window regulator. I had to get a new regulator, and the guides are just not quite as secure as the originals. It's fine when the window is down or partially open as the glass holds the guides steady.
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    Help locating a Wobbling Noise - Driving me Nuts

    Does the frequency increase with road speed. If so it is something rotating. If not it might be airflow related. Do a test drive with your wing mirrors folded in or with the wipers off.
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    My A3 3.2 v6

    Not personally, though I think any LM reps are prone to flaking. The only knowledge I have of them is a guy at work got a set of 19s and after one pothole one of them cracked and was basically scrap, don't think he got a replacement either. Might be an isolated case though. Noticed you joined...
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    My A3 3.2 v6

    That's mine done, in and out in about half an hour and all free of charge. When you say plugs I guess you mean spark plugs, what are they checking on them? I just got the coils as far as I know.
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    My A3 3.2 v6

    I got mine done through a non-dealer source ;) I did try asking them about it but they didn't have a clue what I was on about, then after explaining it they said they would need to take it in for a scan, perform their own troubleshooting on the symptoms, and if none of that shows anything up...
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    My A3 3.2 v6

    Just getting them done. I spoke to David in servicing who I think is the manager, I've dealt with him before to sort out a service and he seems to be pretty helpful.
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    My A3 3.2 v6

    Hmm interesting, I phoned Aberdeen Audi up a few days ago about it and it's getting done on Monday :happy:
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    3.2 Software upgrade & brakes

    I would have thought a '55 would have the newer software. What are the symptoms? Thread about it here -
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    Help needed!..3.2Q DSG Hesitant engine ~ 2k rpm

    Digging up this thread again.... Just to say I got the update applied through a non-dealer source. If it is of any use to anyone, I have the files off the update disc mentioned earlier in this thread, and more importantly I have them in decoded .bin format (this might not mean much to you but...
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    They had an update which meant you had to change your bookmarks, the old ones would just give an error :)
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    Electric window ground to a halt

    Well, on one of those frosty mornings my drivers side window packed in on my 2003 8P. Went to open it, and it tried to work against the ice and cut out. I got it to go down a bit giving it a helping hand but it wasn't keen to move. So tried to put it back up, and got a few horrible grinding...
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    Hankook Tyres

    More popular in Europe for some reason, I have some on my A3 and they're great!
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    Coldest Temp

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    Coolant loss + ESP in the snow??

    Do not turn your ESP off! It should only be turned off if you are STUCK, or in DEEP snow. Once you are unstuck, or back on road, packed snow or ice turn it back on again. You would not believe the trouble it can get you out of, try it in an empty car park to get a feel for it. And while...
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    My06 a3 3.2 just gone wrong! Help

    Sounds exactly like a coilpack failure to me.