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    A3 Sportback S Line. Sline or sport suspension

    What can I say S-Line suspension all the way 3 cars fitted with the suspension and no issues
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    mpg shot up over past few days

    Dieel engines warm up very fast due to the cooling size and water flow across the engine alone with the thermostat and the electric heater. Fuel economy is usually best with garage fuel and not supermarket fuel we do see 64 mpg on the A3 and A1 the Q5 is now showing constant 38 mpg compaired to...
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Ask for NEW alloy and not repaired as they will never match the paint
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    Brilliant Red v Misano Red

    Not much difference in the dull light but I bet the 2 show their full coulors in the sun light
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    Oil change

    Why would you not leave it until the manufactured oil change milage as they know best, just because it's black doesn't mean the oil is bad.
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    Suspension question

    All my cars A3, Q5 run full S-Line suspension, I purchased a 14 plate A1 S-Line for my daughter and have ordered a set of s-line springs as she prefers the s-line set up and the sport springs are being removed.
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    Stop start function

    It's part of the emission control and MPG circuit cannot be shut off indefinitely
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    Hill Hold Assist HHA

    Can HHA be retrofitted into a 13 plate car, local dealer said no without looking into it.
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    Yikes! brand rethink!

    Holly35 why not throw in HHA hill hold assist great option at a low cost wish I did this option, works great with the electronic hand brake. Once the hand brake is released the HHA comes into operation.
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    1.6 tdi vs 2.0 tdi real world mpg

    I have the A1 1.6tdi and the A3 2 litre both S L-Line both cars return the same MPG depending on the way you drive them, you can get he 60MPG but that is at low speeds and gear selection then you can have 30 MPG when having fun. So basically the engines are well sted to the cars.
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    What seat upholstery do you have in your A3?

    I have full nappa leather with heated seats great combination and very comfortable as I am 6'4 and my wife 5'4 great for short and long hauls.
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    Why you chose your S3 Sportback or 3 door

    3 door all the way, more sportier never more than 2 people in it, then I have my Q5 for everything else
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    S3 Kick-Down switch on Manual transmission?

    I did comment on this in a previous post and if I remember you will find the full explanation on page 69 of your manual. This switch has to do with being in economy mode and going to pass something you can push through the button to get the extra power to pass. Doug
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    Sports seats

    The 150 HP engine in the A3 is a fine match for the car, I have the manual box, this is just to keep all vehicles the same when we jump into another car. I may have liked the 184 but again the 150 does everything for me and the wife no wheel spin out, and the Q5 for everything else
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    new a3 sline uncomfortable still after 6k

    I don't have any issue with this, pity you can't get the best driving position for you, but I don't spend too much time on straight roads, but when I do I find the car very comfortable