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    New to me A7

    Thank you Sandra
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    Audi maps RMC 2021

    where Did you get the 2021 map from? I have RMC maps too but they are 2012
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    New to me A7

    Hi there, Picked this up last week after a 3 year hiatus with Volvo. it is a 2012 204 Quattro s-line. I have vcds so have added gauge sweep, lap timer, rear drl’s and cornering lights so far. Talking about lights is there a way to adjust the throw on then? Mine seem to stop casting light about...
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    Allroad Sport Alloys (8x19 ET26)

    These are 8.5" with an ET of 32 on a 19" rim
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    Diesel or petrol

    I have a Dynamik TFSI with an MRC stage 1 and TCU remap. Goes really well and that is with 100k on the clock. You might be lucky and find that the engine work has been done, my one was done and uses minimal oil between services.
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    A4 Dynamik Owners Thread

    Here is mine, It won't be everyones cup of tea as I have changed a few things.
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    Advice on a possible swap

    Still no dpf. Factor in the cost of a new one as no MOT no drivey
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Used to have these on my old A6 C6 and thought I would give them a try on the A4.
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    Clunk at low speeds

    My A4 clunks but at very low speed and it has been confirmed as the pads moving back and forth by the Audi specialist I use.
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    A4 Dynamik Owners Thread

    New addition to the Dynamik.
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    MRC Scotland

    Had the TCU remap done at the same time as the stage 1 and I have no issue with the gearbox at all. MRC maps are now available at DH Automotive in Falkirk. I have a Dynamik A4 which is a ltd run of 400 that came before the black edition and launch control was standard on it, not sure if it is...
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    MRC Scotland

    Not sure, he has a load of them in his unit but unsure if it is only something you get with a map.
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    MRC Scotland

    It is a 2.0 TFSI quattro with Stronic.
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    Am I crazy? C7 3.0tdi to C5 2.7 Bi-turbo

    I used to have a 2.7 Bi Turbo allroad, loved it and wished I had never sold it.
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    MRC Scotland

    Thanks Sandra, It is looking not too bad for coming on 100k miles. A bigger I/C is on the cards at some point and if I can get some heated seats or get Dave to fit an eBay heated pad set like he had in his old caddy to save my backside from getting cold.