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    better late than never

    Never did say bye to this site :-( as I sold my b6 avant. Well I parted with it bout a month ago and got a 3 litre 3 series. I have to say iv joined 3 bmw forums and none of them can touch this site for friendliness,info,help! The motor had been an absolute pleasure to own and mod,but its...
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    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    My beloved is on the bay...
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    bv43 turbo to.......

    Oh,cheers chris,throw a spanner in the works. I to had only heard phrase about them. :think:
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    bv43 turbo to.......
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    bv43 turbo to.......

    To true jake,yep i hear it everytime too. Good idea,but i cant part with the :kissmyrings: yet,so till then,mod on :) I am going for gtb2056vk, think i should still do injectors upgrade? As stock injectors can manage 230bhp yet turbo can manage 250bhp,not much of a jump from to 230 but from my...
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    bv43 turbo to.......

    Good advice karl,i think ur right. Just what i needed to hear. Cheers pal.
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    bv43 turbo to.......

    GTB2260VK So after much thought i decided the gtb1756 is not worth the extra 15-20bhp and have decided to go big. Gtb2260vk is capable 300bhp with correct set up,im aiming for 250bhp. Ive found a place that will supply some dssl injectors which will flow around the 300 mark. The 2260 will be...
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    Is wind noise and issue on your A4?

    I notice wind noise when i have the centre dash vents on? But goes if i switch off centre vents (heating,a/c)
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    Which motor was this karl?
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    Ok,so 230 is a max safe power,or at its wits end karl
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    I keep getting in my mates 335i and then geting into mine :-( So its good to see stock injectors good to 250bhp,as thats my next goal. Currently @ 205bhp 310ftlb. Next turbo is Gtb1756vk claimed 230bhp. Upgrading injectors is very pricey,but if i can get upto 230+ on stock im happy. The only...
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    Who is Eating all the B6's ?

    I agree with above comment,best looking avant around today,still! mind u i did see a new jag estate,looked nice,1st thought,it looked like a b6 :-) Id say i see a handfull if that,a week.
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    Help required dash problems

    Sounds like it could be a brake light switch. Easy change,under steering column.
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    Turbo info help

    I dont think so...
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    transverse or longitudinal

    Cheers chaps,it threw me because mines fwd and as mentioned,usually transverse.