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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Quattro engine knocking on tickover, when hot :(

    Yes pal, sweet as, cheeky remap was done when my mechanic was happy engine would put up with it, up to 248
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Quattro engine knocking on tickover, when hot :(

    You can’t get pattern part pump, or you couldn’t when I was looking. Cost about £1000 for pump alone, I think I spent about 2.5 k on the work with new chain, oil pump, vvt unit and labour, and that was a mate doing it at his garage!
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    A4 B7 2.0 tfsi Quattro engine knocking on tickover, when hot :(

    Yes mate, fitted a new vvt unit at the back of the engine, my mechanic thinks it may have been on the way out before, and the oil pump giving up just finished it off. I have come to the conclusion though that these are not the quitest of engines
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    what double din fo B7

    Hi all Looking at replacing the factory DD head unit in my a4 b7 quattro, not fussed if original or after market but must work with BT from my phone for music and work with MFSW, price wise was thinking around 250 -300, i have fully amped Bose if that helps. advice would be apreciated many thanks
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    what double din?

    Hi, how does the pioneer head unit work with the Bose fully or half amped system
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    what double din?

    Hi all, im looking at taking out the factory headset set and putting in a double din, not bothered if its after market or audi but must blue tooth to my phone for music and be adaptable to the mfsw. what do u guys recomend??
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    new turbo for 2.0 TFSI quattro

    Hi Im pretty sure my turbo is on the way out as when i accelerate herd there's a hi pitch rattle or squeak from the engine but not if i dont make the turbo spin up, so, is it possible to put a slightly better turbo in, bigger or more powerful one without any other modification? Thanks
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    Bad radio reception

    Hi all Ive got a 2005 a4 b7 with standard symphany radio cd unit with bose, it sounds ok but the reception is crap, i can press the search and it doesnt even get a station some times, what can i do or fit to improve this?
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    Cruise control installation guide

    From memory mate there is a bolt undernaeth the lower cowling, one single one in the middle, i had the same problem. when you undo this it lets it move back and is easy to get the new on one. Sorry i dont have pics Good luck
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    Looking for a boot spoiler/lip for a salloon b7 quattro??

    As the tittle says really guys, would like to purchase from someone recommended, nothing to much just subtle and poss painted,
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    what is a safe re map for a 2.0 tfsi??

    Hi Just had a remap and the guy used a company called evolution chips, its all good, but i was hoping for a bit more, mine was puting out 197 and its added another 35, im thinking of a decat down pipe and a miltek wich combined should give another 10>15 bhp, does this sound safe to you guys or...
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    Fault code 01794 and 00493?

    I had the same recently after i retro fitted DIS and Cruis, i thought it was something to do with the steering direction senser, i re alligned the steering wheel in the settings, you know 30 degrres one way and back etc, its fine now. if you retro fit cruise and it doesnt work try restting this.
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    B7 heated cloth seats not working, vcds read out!

    Hi, having trouble getting front heated seats to work, i had this come up when i dine a diag with vcds, anyone seen this before, or knows of a common fault? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8E0-820-043.lbl...
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    Best origianal radio to fit in a B7

    Hi, looking to fit a sat nav, blutooth/phone head set in my B7. would like to keep it audi, what is the best one to fit from a later model that will not need to much doing so it will fit?
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    Retrofitting cruise control

    Thanks for the help guys, DIS and cruise fitted, it takes some doing if you havnt done it before and if you have vcds get some one to guide you through as theres a lot to re-set and code