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    167mph S3. Come on who was it then?

    it wont be hard to track that laugh down !!
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    phew lucky allergy escape

    maybe tescos should start using this sign !!
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    Replacing brake hose

    mine failed on exactly the same last year £20 for parts i did both jobs myself the cv took just over an hour that was working off the floor with no air tools the brake pipe took about 30min with bleeding as well so this garage is charging over £200 an hour !! i agree with aragorn go elsewhere
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    allroad in the snow

    yeah thats the only problem with the 2.7 i think it would cripple me in running cost i think i'll just compromise and go for the diesel and like you said look into a remap but then 180 bhp for a diesel isnt bad either ! just got to find one thats got the spec i want and the colour when i first...
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    allroad in the snow

    i think when i come to getting one i'll look for one thats had the airbags or the compresser done or even both !! whats the diesel like iv been looking at the 2.7 twin turbo but i'm starting to think it might be a bit over kill , i agree with you on the aggressive look of the allroad i was going...
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    allroad in the snow

    was looking at an allroad 2.7t for next year you get so much for your money just a bit worried abot the suspention iv read they are expencive when they go wrong
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    New Years Resolutions

    1. upgrade to a quattro as i'm not going through this snow again 2. spend more time with my family 3. and last but not least double my stalking efforts and try and convince cheryl cole im the one for her !!
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    Merry Christmas - My 4rse......

    at least he told you mate one of my neighbours hit my car a year ago and she was ****** i called the police and i'm still waiting for them to come round ! kent police are great !
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    i just don't get it, how can they get away with it?

    "something" must of been a heavy night lost the ability to spell !!!
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    i just don't get it, how can they get away with it?

    they forgot to put freedom of speech somthing you dont get in islam !
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    central locking kit problem

    i was just going to leave the indicator and horn out only really want the central locking
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    central locking kit problem

    that would be great it's a P reg 1996 2.6 se saloon cheers
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    central locking kit problem

    i'v took a few pics of the instuctions im not the best at electrics so want to make sure i dont f£$k it up !! any advice would be great mate UNIVERSAL REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING UPGRADE KIT 2010 MODEL on eBay (end time 13-Dec-10 12:10:11 GMT)
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    Help, I can't make my mind up.

    how easy is it to take out the rings before spraying and is it worth taking out the lower grilles aswell