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    I've fell in love but not sure if I should go for it. (Audi RS6 Avant C5)

    A good one will certainly retain value, just make sure you have another 10k slush fund as these cars swallow money at an alarming rate, gearbox is the main money pit but anything engine related will be grand to fix.
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    B7 RS4

    haha, it had ceramics too!
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    RS 6 with Silver wheels?

    Silver wheels are just cool, this car is no exception.
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    Not a good day yesterday

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the effort that is going into bringing this car back to the road is impressive. 99% of people would have scrapped this car and not battered an eyelid. I've got a C6 avant and love it to bits, solid, quiet, reliable and over engineered. There's just...
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    Cars you wished you had kept....

    I miss this car the most. not the bills though!
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    Not a good day yesterday

    yes, yes. good polish, she'll be looking sweet again!
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    For Sale 66 Reg Audi A6 Avant Black Edition 2.0 TDI S-Tronic (Low Mileage, High Spec, Service Plan 10/21)

    is it just lockdown that's causing a slowing of the used market? This is a great specced car in lovely condition. Surprised at how long it's been for sale.
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    I can tell they've been done, less crashy for sure.
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    All sorted, £350 lighter but keeps the car on the road. Save the manual diesels!
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    The cars done 127k and it left a pile of rust on the garage floor after it left, just glad it didn't fail whilst driving. Going to get the other side done at the same, new bushes but same shocks.
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    Yup, Spring has failed, bizaar how it's been sat still for 3 weeks then suddenly bang, down it goes. Off on low loader today, sad times.
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    Good times, is this not a good excuse for some goodbye pics?
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    Interesting, thanks for the response. Bazaar how it's been sitting there for 3 weeks and suddenly this. I think it might have to be trailered away. Should be interesting.
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    OSF Suspension Issue

    Well after nearly three years of trouble free motoring my old bus has slumped in one corner. It looks like a shock has given up the ghost. It's been sat for about 3 weeks not moving, not sure if this is relevant. Not really a fan of the slammed look. Anyone fancy a punt at what's happened...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Been watching White Details on you tube and found the Kamikaze water spot remover Jim uses. Thought I'd give it a go around the badges on my old barge. Apologies for the starting point, I have tried to clean inside the rings but without success. Until now! £23 well spent?