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    B9 A4/S4 - Little Surprises

    Another nice feature (which lets face it is probably in the manual) is there is you can toggle the display on the Virtual Cockpit using the left hand roller button on the steering wheel. One of the nice features is the "long term memory option" - which in effect gives you the fuel consumption...
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    MMI: The mystery of the disappearing Google satellite maps

    Here's one for you folks. Have an A4 Sline B9-MY16 with the usual array of gadgets. I like the Google satellite view feature, nicer to look at over the simple maps. Car hooks up to home WiFi so as I drive away, the local area (1-2 miles) shown in full definition overhead google satellite...
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    B&O sound system fault

    Hi h1r4, how are you finding the B&O system? I had a 60 plate A4 with the B&O and abolutely loved it. Replaced it with an A4 B9-MY16 with the B&O and both me and the missus are disappointed. Lacks mid-range, so plenty of treble and bass but the guitar lacks body. Tapped a note to B&O who...
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    Updating SD maps

    I have a April 2016 manufactured A4 and have updated the maps via home WiFi but as cuke2u said, it takes a while. I did UK alone and I think it was about 75 minutes. The issue was not the speed of my broadband but the speed of the servers supplying the data (or maybe the max speed that audi's...