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    ESP Fault please see owners manual

    I havent posted for ages but once again ASN proves useful. I have been getting the split second flash up error of ESP fault on start up intermittently for a few weeks now but my ESP switch works perfectly and i still have manually control switching the system on and off. No errors ever saty up...
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    Phantom S3 front end respray quote

    This is very true - to be honest I bet if I were to try sell it i'd be knocked down about that much based on current condition so it kind of needs attention at some point. Of course I could probably get a much cheaper quote but the finish would be like comparing apples and oranges.
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    Phantom S3 front end respray quote

    Interesting, they will use all the VAG primers/paints etc. All parts removed inc. headlights if necessary and refitted obviously. Quite a bit of work involved.
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    Phantom S3 front end respray quote

    I was quoted £867 by my local paint shop for full front end respray to repair stone chip damage – this also includes paintwork to peeling lacquer/paint on the rear bumper and a respray of a Mercedes wing mirror (I asked for these extra’s to be included, so not quoted in price). The car is...
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    Revving problem with 2007 s3

    Just had this problem myself. Took to my local independant to sort at the same time as a 10k service, which was really only an oil and filter change. They replaced the breather valve, gasket and hoses. System scanned fault codes deleted. My mechanic also mentioned about reflashing the system as...
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    what do you reckon?

    Apologies to the OP but seeing as this thread has touched on a 'hot' topic I may as well have my 2 pence worth on the matter + I need a break from work. Sheikh it's fronting. Don't think there is any question about that really and whilst you might think it's a load of rubbish it does push up...
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    Wife+S3=bad mix (crashed into 2 traffic islands)

    Error! Glad you walked.
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    HELP? Tyres at a good price?

    I paid a shade under £320 for 2x Contact Sport 3's last weekend. Fitted, balanced and all tracking and tolerances corrected. I needed them within the hour on a Saturday morning after a 2 inch screw decided to make my O/S front its new home. Uneven wear on the inside confirmed tracking was out...
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    S3 specific paint colours: Touch up stick availability

    This should do the trick, I have bought a genuine Merc touch up stick from them so it's the real deal. They also do a great 9ml size for Panther Black: VAG - Panther Metallic (Black) - LY9Z - Detailed item view - ZakParts I actually used a Ford metallic black touch up stick for a couple of...
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    black wing mirrors?

    Was thinking the same thing if the desired effect is achieved
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    2011 S3 pause, sorry, launch from standstill query

    Found one of these on the old Merc some years back, wondered what the heck it was at first! :) Does exactly what you have just described. :) Still doesn't go anywhere but makes a nice tune from the straight six!
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    Audi-Concert Fault

    Damn - I am feeling hard done by now as I didnt spill a cup of coffee in mine!!
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    Audi-Concert Fault

    ****** - problem returned.
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    Coolant Warning

    I have had the coolant warning on the Merc and a top up of neat coolant has sorted it. Even garaged cars need regular changes too! Even more so than daily drives...