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    S-tronic gearbox noise

    Yes, that rumble is similar to the noise I had in a Tiguan TDI, the garage diagnosed the DMF and said it should be changed before the clutch housing gets damaged. Not a cheap option. Hope you get this fixed. HNY!
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    S-tronic gearbox noise

    In my particular case, it sounded more like an actuator from an electronic handbrake moving on or off. If I’m hearing your one correctly that sounds like a rumble or train track noise. I’m assuming it’s a TDI.
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    brake servo restricted

    I have just had the above warning appear on my A5 MY17 2.0 TFSI, with advice that you can continue to drive the car. Luckily, I came across this lengthy thread on another A4 forum which I feel is worth linking, as the fix is simple and the consequences of continuing to drive could be expensive...
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    Goodbye Google Earth?

    It’s possible but it hasn’t changed the overlay in 12 hrs and it would have affected all Google mapped cars?
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    Goodbye Google Earth?

    I have a March 2017 registered car and they were talking about it on the forums then, so Audi dealerships must have known?
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    Goodbye Google Earth?

    I guess that’s it, after 15 minutes the map on my MY17 A5 reverts to this screen and doesn’t seem to recover to even the basic map overlay. I assume I’ve lost the Google Earth overlay, which I understood was meant to stop on 1 January 2021? Funny how it wasn’t mentioned when I bought it?
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    Sat nav

    Do you mean the Google Earth overlay on the Audi MFD or playing Google maps thru Apple CarPlay?
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    Sportback automatic boot lid issues

    No, I would say it only happens once, normally the first opening in a while, then it’s fine. I just put down to cold dampers/struts.
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    Sportback automatic boot lid issues

    My 2017 Sportback occasionally does the same, but without any beeping, possibly because I don’t have the C&S Pack.
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    Des, I have the same engine/model and considering a similar remap, now that the warranty is finished. Can you keep this thread updated on how you get on?
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    help correcting service inspection interval please

    I had a similar problem, having had an oil and inspection service done recently but still showing the inspection due in March next year. The stealer's explanation was that it needed the brake fluid changed then so can't extend the inspection beyond March. Crazy.
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    Annoying ‘pop-up’ on forum webpages

    Try using the Brave web browser with built in ad blocker.
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    DAB Station Logos

    Slight thread drift, but my wife’s MY17 Golf shows the radio text ie who’s currently playing, whereas my MY17 A5 doesn’t - you have to go to a separate page despite the MMI screen having lots of blank space to display it.
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    New S5 Owner

    If you bought from a friendly Audi dealer hopefully they will do it for free. However, if not, be prepared for an ‘admin’ fee of £50-80, but ask yourself if you really need it.
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    Audi Sport puddle lights

    Lots of threads on the subject. Do you want OEM or 3rd party? What design? I’ve got a set from eBay and had no problems.