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    A3 2.0 T S-Line Quattro tyres ?

    Vredestein ultrac sessanta for me, done about 5k and are looking good. Reasonable compromise between price and performance if you ask me.
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    Panel filters

    If you're sticking with the paper filter or even switching to a higher performance filter, be sure to replace it or give it a shake out fairly regularly, you'd be amazed at how much crap these things pick up.
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    a couple of pictures of my little A3

    Nice colour, haven't seen that before
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    PIAA DRL Bulb blown up.

    I had this myself, didn't. Fit them properly and they shattered when I tried to take out. Spent many hours with the lighting unit out with a hoover and an old coat hanger with some double sided tape trying to get all the remnants out. Take your time and you should be able to get it all out. I...
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    A3 Sportback 3.2 Quattro - Story so far...

    Looks awesome, well done! How about adding some OEM xenons?
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    some advice please!

    Haven't used them before but heard good things about them on other VAG forums. Only problem is that they are based in Croydon...................... There are numerous different mapping companies outhere if you want to consider an alternative to APR. PS I have Bluefin and am happy with it...
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    climate control unit causing problems after double din conversion!!!

    That would be my main suspicion as you said you bought the newer version. I didn't think the new double din climate controls were fully interchangable with older cars
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    Improved Handling Without Lowering Or Massive Loss In Comfort

    I installed a set of Eibach pro springs to my 2.0T quattro s-line, it actually improved the quality of the ride without a noticeable drop in ride height It hasn't, however, transfored the car's handling into that of a go-cart but I would say its an improvement!
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    Tyres, too many to choose from :S

    I put Vredestein Ultrac Sessantas on my 18s when I couldn't find any F1s. A bit cheaper and just as grippy. Will have to see how the wear goes as only done a couplke of 1000 miles on them. Not too noisy either
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    head unit

    Google is your friend. Its the standardised size of the stereo head unit. most 'regular' afternarket headunits are single din and those with large screens e.g. Sat nav units, are double din
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    Panel Filters

    Green for me, had them on past 2 cars and not had a problem once
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    The A3 is going! & Bluefin query

    You can have the bluefin unit reset by Bluefin for a fee then the new owner can have a map loaded. Not sure of the cost though.