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    Really quick tyre pressure question

    There is mate but its for the original wheels not the new ones, ive gone with Sayams advice and put 38 front and 36 rear :)
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    New Feature: Unicorn Map switch/Launch Control/Flatshift for TFSI/S3!

    Would you be able to design the flat shift and launch control map for an A3 3.2 Quattro manual? Would the launch control be any use at all on a non turbo? My mate has it on his DSG model but you said its a different set up so id have that done on your advice :)
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    Really quick tyre pressure question

    Cheers buddy it looks like im off to the petrol station on my way out then, out of interest is yours Quattro and does this make any difference due to the weight of the rear axle?
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    Really quick tyre pressure question

    Hi guys, ive changed my wheels on my A3 3.2Q from 17s to 18s (genuine audi BBS CH/Pescaras) on 225/40/18 Goodyear Eagle F1s. What tyre pressure should i be putting in? Im currently running 32psi all round as per tyre fitters reccomendations for my old mk5 GTI on the same size tyres/wheels. Had...
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    A3 3.2 - Misfire is back again :(

    Hi there, when i bought my A3 3.2 back in march it had a misfire so i took it into Audi for the coilpack recall and software update, it ran fine for a few days and although its still not jerky like it used to be the misfire is back. When i say misfire it sounds like a motorbike bogging out sort...
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    S Line conversion project

    Hi mate im doing the same thing to my 05 so might be able to help, The s line front bumper is a direct fit if you have the single grill bumper, being an 06 you should have, on earlier models you have to change the bonnet to suit the bumper but yours should be fine. The s lone rear bumper is a...
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    3.2 brand new clutch/flywheel knocking

    Hello :) I had a brand new clutch slave cylinder and flywheel fitted last week and ever since i can feel/hear a knocking noise from the floor area which goes away when the clutch is pressed. Is this normal or have i broke it already? (If thats even possible)
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    Eagle F1s - Conti 5s or Sportmax?

    I have Eagle F1s all round on my 3.2 Quattro, best tyres so far i had Continental Sport Contact3 before these but i found them terrible in the wet even with Quattro
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    wheel refurb options

    Id shop around on that buddy, i had mine powdercoated black (had the choice of any colour though) on my mk5 GTI for £90 and was told even that was expensive?
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    New Audi 3.2

    Get a 3.2 i love mine, just dont make the same mistake as me trying to make it go sideways in the wet, its just cost me £840 for a new clutch and flywheel :( Timing chains dont need changing regularly like timing belts, theyre meant to last the life of the engine but usually dont so be careful...
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    Rs3 exhaust tips on 3.2

    Hi does anybody know if just the tips from an RS3 will fit over my OEM 3.2 tips? Mine are really corroded and ive found some genuine RS3 tips for £30 so seems like a nice cheap option for now :) Thanks in advance
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    09 White Cluster/DIS fitted to 04 8P

    Does anybody know if it would be a straight swap on my march 2005 3.2, it has the prefacelift front but has double din etc inside, reg is DY05 HOJ if that helps :)
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    A3 parts on a s3

    They will fit but you will need the front panel aswell bud, i think you need to change the wing brackets aswell and bonnet hinges although not essential :)
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    Bargain for someone

    Spotted these on ebay genuine 18" bbs ch's, unsure if theyre 5x100 or 5x112 he just says vauxhall fitment, bargain for somebody though
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    Xenon DRL's - grab a bargain quick!

    It is a decent price for ebay, no bargains on there these days :(