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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Love it, superb work!! Does anybody know what car lift they are using?
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    Hi from west coast scotland!

    Welcome along, as said above, interfearing with Audi's can lead to financial ruin!! Hope you enjoy your S3 as much as I enjoy my S4.... I'm on the North coast about 20 miles from John o Groats. Cheers DTM
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    Bonkers!! Want one......

    Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West - YouTube
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    Hi, does anyon know the link to the S4 B6 TSB's In particular the one ref to idler pulley Have serched forum and one from scoTTy for b6s4 will not open Thanks DTM
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    S4 Towbar....

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    S4 Towbar....

    Hi, going to be getting a tow bar fitted to my S4. I do realise this is not advised by Audi due to cooling issues, but... My question is - Has anyone had this done? if do, were standard Audi parts used for the electrics? does anyone have part numbers (just for ref) The guy who is doing the...
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    Replica B6 S4 wheels?

    Might be worth a phone call... Cheers :s4addict:
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    Inspired bicycles
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    MP3 SD Card size

    Getting really pi55ed off with this now...:keule: Got my Transcend 2Gb Sd cards home, Format to FAT 32 dropped a dozen albums on and.....corrupt...!!??:blownose: What to do? What to do? Feel like kicking it:no: Just as well it's a V8 so the music comes second...:kissmyrings:
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    Wheel advice

    Thanks gents, thanks for the opinions. Probably will stay with the standard wheels, just a thought.... Thanks again DTM
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    Wheel advice

    Hi, thinking about a set of 19" RS 6 Replicas for my S4 Avant. Looked at a set of 18's in my local car accessorie shop and was disappointed with the quality of paint finish. I realise that with reps I will never get OE quality but can anybody recommend a set, supplier etc Thanks again DTM
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    Being 07 it's probably a N A Cossie or a 2.0 16v Vauxhall, think it revs too well for a pinto?! Lovely to watch though
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    Well worth a look....:thumbsup:
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Nope...!! it's staying black bubstar..... Cheers
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    What to use and why on darker metallic finishes

    Bought Blackfire Gloss enhancing polish & Wet diamond from PB and love the finish, so easy to use and cant knock the end result Thanks again DTM