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    Imola Yellow B5 S4

    Hi Guys, I collected my latest project on Friday, an Imola Yellow B5 S4. It's high mileage on 146,000 but I plan on replacing rods, pistons etc. I was curious to know if there were any other Imola Yellow owners on here and I've been told there aren't many left on the road Thanks, Daniel
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    Imola Yellow S3

    Does anyone have an Imola Yellow S3 they would consider selling?
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    Has anyone traded their RS3 in for an R8?

    I would recommend selling your Rs3 privately and rolling that cash into a deposit on the R8 - you'll probably get a better deal. Also, if you can stretch, get a plus as the residuals on these will be stronger. In my experience my RS3 feels faster but I think it's because I'm use to the size of...
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    Miltek System?

    Hi All, Has anyone fitted the Miltek full system to their S3? What's the sound like and does it drone at all? I've tried searching for videos on this but I'm not having much luck. DK
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    Facelift Car Cutting Out at Lower Revs

    I suppose it sounds a lot for an RS3 - maybe not?
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    Facelift Car Cutting Out at Lower Revs

    Twice this week my car has cut out at lower revs, by this I mean blipping the throttle below 3K revs. It happened both times as my car was warming up. Also, the car is chugging a bit more at idle. The last Oil change was around 3K ago, I had a new PCV around the same time. NGK spark plugs -...
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Here is my new project car. Had it a week now and absolute love it.
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    S3 Door Trim/Blades

    It was Audi Aylesbury - to be clear it was £90.43 for each front blade, the smaller ones towards the rear arches were additional, as were the screws for fronts.
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    S3 Door Trim/Blades

    Yep, this has been moved to the wrong section. I also (now) own an 8L S3.
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    S3 Door Trim/Blades

    Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement door trim/blade for the left door of my S3. I tried bodging the trim I have back onto the car, failed and now I need a replacement. Audi have quoted me £90.43 but have said it could take months before the part arrives, figured I would try my luck here before...
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    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    I recently moved to a PS4 squared 235 setup and it's been around 1,000 miles since I took the plunge. As my car isn't standard, I rarely drive with ESC on so cannot comment on traction light issues but what I can say is they're a completely different tyre in the wet. The grip is far better in...
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    Facelift Front Disc Replacement

    I opted for the vagbremtechnic 2-piece discs - and Ferodo DS2500 pads. So far so good! They look mega too!
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    New owner security questions

    There have been a few car thefts over the last couple of weeks in my area. I also live in a really quiet area but it would seem they're targeting BMWs. With that said I did buy a faraday pouch and box from Amazon yesterday. I might also invest in a steering wheel lock (any recommendations?)
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    Facelift Front Disc Replacement

    I'll update the thread with my progress. Having new discs fitted next Friday
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    Facelift Front Disc Replacement

    Hi All, I need to replace my front discs and wanted some advice on possible options. I've been looking at vagbremtechnic 2 piece discs - has anyone fitted these and are they any good?