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Jul 21, 2019
Dec 14, 2013
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May 9, 1985 (Age: 35)
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Active Member, Male, 35, from Newcastle upon Tyne

VCDS Map User
dandav1985 was last seen:
Jul 21, 2019
    1. Gazdt
      Do you have the diagnosis kit.i have an A5 .nearside mirror folds ,offside doesn't. Offside has been replaced .previous owner states the mirror needs coding however I think he has bought a non folding mirror .car shows no fault codes. Please advise
    2. martin bell
      martin bell
      do you still have VCD's for Audi S3 I have Jap import that need sorting out mate
    3. phillturbo
      Hi mate I have a 14 plate q5 .wondered if you could update Mmi and maps etc maybe check what else can be turned on that can be cheers
    4. Dani85
      Hi there, I have just purchased a 2017 Audi Q3 and it does not have the visual parking system installed. It just has audible parking sensors. Is it possible to activate this? I live in Newcastle.
      Many thanks
    5. Adem Ozkaya
      Adem Ozkaya
      Hi Mate

      I have just installed a secondary exhaust valve on my exhaust .... have tried to plug car into vag-com but cant find my SKC number?

      would you be able to manually try to open + close the exhaust flaps to see if they are working?

      1. dandav1985
        Hello, if you pm me I'll send you my address and I'll can have a go for you no issue. Cheers Dan
        Sep 27, 2017
    6. AudiLeon96
      Hi mate. I know it was almost a year ago but I don't suppose you still have your folding mirror look for the 8p do you. I'm prepared to buy it. Thanks in advance
      1. dandav1985
        Hello mate, sorry it's been sold. Cheers Dan
        Jul 27, 2017
    7. matttyk
      Hi mate, do you still have your VCDS? Was hoping to get the odd code on my S3?
      I'm in Sunderland area so not far for me to travel! Beer tokens too :) or cash whichever you prefer!
    8. darren green
      darren green
      Hi Dandave
      Are you located in the Newcastle area?
      Admin put me on to you just that my 1.8t a4 b6 won't start only some times with foot hard to the floor need a vag com/ vcds hookup if possible thanks Darren.
      1. dandav1985 and Sandra like this.
    9. Philiusmaximus
      Hi mate, I live pretty close to you and was wondering if you would be able to help me out with coding in an RNS-E head unit into my 2008 A3 8pa. I need to decode it first as it does not have the code with it. Audi Newcastle want 35 quid to retrieve the code!
      Once that is sorted I will be installing it so on the hunt for someone willing to help. Obviously I will pay you for your time.
      Thanks, Phil
      1. dandav1985
        Hello, sorry don't go on here much. My number is 07854732041 cheers
        Nov 11, 2016
    10. HHS3
      Hi Dan,

      I'm interested in your auto folding mirror loom, what else is required in order to get it all to work please?

      1. dandav1985
        Hello mate< sorry for the late reply been away at work. If you already have folding mirrors you dont need anything apart from this kit no coding required. it comes with instructions too. hope this helps Dan
        Oct 1, 2016
      2. HHS3
        Hi mate, no worries. I previously hadn't done much research on this and didn't realise that you need different mirrors as well as mine aren't electric folding, so I'll have to pass for now. I know that Untamed was interested in the loom though. Thanks
        Oct 3, 2016
    11. white.akita
      Hi, can you code out both front occupancy sensors on my b7 ?
      If so where are you and how much would it be ?
    12. Lord
      I understand you have VCDS in Gateshead. I've been doing a bit reading and am wondering what it's possible to do with VCDS. I've got a 2009 A5. Is it possible to update the maps on the nav? Can the screen display the rear parking sensors when reversing? Is there anything else you're aware of that can be activated using VCDS that isn't activated from the factory?

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      2. dandav1985
        Hello, it'll be from my home address or I can come to you. My mobile number is 07854732041 if you want to arrange anything. Cheers Dan
        Mar 13, 2016
      3. MiniCheddar
        Mar 15, 2016
      4. MiniCheddar
        Mar 15, 2016
    13. MiniCheddar
    14. Alan Mowat
      Alan Mowat
      Hi I was wondering if my reverse sensors could have the graphic enabled on the screen.
      1. dandav1985
        what car is it you have mate. cheers dan
        Feb 25, 2016
    15. dandav1985
      Audi S3, 8P s_tronic, pan-roof, Stage 2 shark remap, Miltek, Neu-speed intake.....322bhp.
      Auto lights, Auto wipers, Dimming folding mirrors, Electrice heated seats, Bi-Xenons etc..................
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    May 9, 1985 (Age: 35)
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    Make of Car:
    Audi Model:
    Panther Black

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    Pather Black, Audi S3, 8V S-tronic, Panoramic Roof.
    Auto Lights and Wipers, Dimming-Anti Dazzle Folding Mirrors, Full Electric & Heated Seats, Bi-Xenons, Parking assist plus, DAB with B&O and Audi Connect.
    Mods: APR Stage 2 Ecu and Tcu, Revo Turbo Muffler delete, VWR R600 Intake with TT Hose, APR Intercooler, APR Boost Hoses, Forge Discharge Pipe and APR Sport Cat.
    Retrofitted, TPMS, Hold Assist and Blackview DR650s 2ch

    Genuine VCDS (vag com) owner
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