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    Facelift Parking sensors

    Is this possible now? I've been after this for ages and have VCDS, but everywhere I've read says that it can't be done on the facelift models. The method for the pre-FL models doesn't work on FL cars.
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    Facelift Tyres and PCP

    I'd be trading it in and going on another PCP, so I'll need to keep them happy. Thanks Flowrider, that was the list I was looking for. I'd found it online before, but I was damned if I could find it again.
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    Facelift Tyres and PCP

    Thanks for the replies. I'm tempted to look at other brands as the Bridgestone's are quite pricey and didn't really amaze me in any particular way, but I'd always go for a premium brand. I wish I'd changed them a couple of weeks ago, they were awful in the snow with about 3mm of tread left. I...
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    Facelift Tyres and PCP

    Does anyone know what the tyre guidelines are when trading the car back in after the PCP has ended? When I was looking to trade in my privately owned A3 8P the Audi dealer had a checklist of things that affected the value. One of them was obviously the tread depth, but I'm sure there was...
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    Facelift Audi Connect Licence Period

    Same here. My 3 month trial ran out last December and I phoned them to get it extended for 12 months. Those 12 months are just about to expire, so after a quick live chat with a very helpful guy at customer services, it's been extended for another 12 months.
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    Facelift 2017 1.4 COD Stronic gearbox issue!

    Mine does and so did the courtesy car I had before I got mine, at least it says it does on the display. Like I said, it only does it on one very low speed downhill junction, but I comes up on my screen as 2 cylinder mode. Anything more than just the weight of your shoe and it disappears...
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    Facelift 2017 1.4 COD Stronic gearbox issue!

    Does it 0nly happen with light throttle or all the time? I know if you're pulling away slowly then very occasionally it can feel a bit gruff, which I put down to it running in 2 cylinder mode. I only ever get this at one set of traffic lights, because traffic is always bad there and it's on a...
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    Facelift Google Maps - taking ages to load/doesn't fully start

    I had the same assumption. I took it to Audi and a couple of the service guys came out to figure out why it wasn't working with my prepaid data sim. It was only when I spoke to the salesman that he pointed out the embedded sim worked for some things and the external sim for others. For...
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    Facelift Powder coating alloys

    When I picked up my S-line I asked about whether I'd be allowed to get the grille and window chromes wrapped in black and the wheels painted grey/black and the sales guy said yeah that wouldn't be a problem at all. (The black edition wasn't released when I got my car). He said they only really...
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    Facelift Google Maps - taking ages to load/doesn't fully start

    Done it 3 times to me now. It shows Google Earth view to start with and then it randomly goes off and I get to look at the Audi Google Earth loading screen for the rest of the journey home. The Google Earth view takes ages to load next time I get in the car, but then it works ok. Mine's...
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    Facelift Audi Sound System Sub settings?

    I'm in the same boat as mikemod. I've got B&O, but just tone and bass in the settings. (Not that they hold their memory, but we're all aware of that now).
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    Facelift Steering Wheel shortcut button

    For the record, I have the same issue where the button sometimes stops bringing up the Drive Select screen. It'll be on my list to bring up with the dealer, along with the stereo not holding the bass/surround settings. I'm not going to make a special trip, just grumble about it every time it...
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    Facelift MMI not keeping sound settings

    Thanks for your replies. I did have a look through loads of threads to see if it had been asked before, but couldn't find anything. I probably wasn't using the right keywords. I guess I'll just have to tolerate it until Audi release a patch. Milnesafc, did the update they installed do...
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    Facelift MMI not keeping sound settings

    Hi everyone. It's pretty much as the title says really. I set the sound settings, like bass, treble, surround strength and speed dependant volume, but when I switch the car off it loses all these settings and everything goes back to 'medium'. It's the MMI+ with B&O if that matters. Am I doing...
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    Audi connect confusion

    I've had the exact same query. On some of my paperwork its says 36 month along with the 3 month trial. The salesman said it was only 3 months on collection, but if I knew it needed extending then I would've added that to the cost of the car and put it onto the finance. On the MMI it says my...