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    B9 A4/S4 - Little Surprises

    That makes sense. Useful when in D or Efficiency mode when you need to boot it.
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    B9 A4/S4 - Little Surprises

    Not sure if this is a fault with my car or actually a feature but... when i press the accelerator down it seems to have an intermediate stop point then when i apply further pressure it goes right to the floor. When it goes to this next stage it drops down a gear. Does anyone else have this?
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    Audi Connect monthly cost after 3 month trial...Any ideas?

    I spoke with Gerald also last night at Audi UK. They advised me to speak to my local dealer!
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    Oil Consumption

    I had a similar problem with mine, after only a few thousand miles it flashed up with a low oil warning light. I rang the dealer and stressed my concern of the light coming on so soon, they asked me to bring it in. They topped it back up for free and stated that it must of been low when I...
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    A4 Avant 3.0TDI 218q first impressions

    After doing over 10k miles I get over 500 miles in my 218 3.0TDI every time I fill up, with the larger fuel tank. MPG from purchase is showing 47.1mpg on the cars computer.
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    3.0 TDI 272

    Just to add to this, I have the 218 engine with the STronic box. It is a fantastic engine and extremely smooth. When you plant your foot and it drops down a gear or so the speed that it drops the gears and the sounds is great.
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    Automatic boot opening...

    I have had this happen a few times, your not the only one
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    I just used the oil which was supplied with the car, found it in one of the compartments in the boot
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    Just read on another forum, they topped a 24ltr up to full and it came back with 10500 mile range. Seems I got lucky and the dealership filled it to the top (unlike the oil which I have had to top up recently)
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    I went for the larger 24ltr tank and yeah it's the 3.0 (218). I have read previously you should get around 10k miles until top up, so seems about right
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    I've just had a 2000 mile warning for adblue come up on my B9 A4 after 8500 miles.
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    Comfort Dynamic or Sport Suspension?

    Saw an a4 today without sports suspension, i didn't like the look of it at all. The ride is far too high. Like you I previously had an a3 Sline. My a4 has the Sline sports suspension and it is no where near as hard of a drive as the a3
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    Oil Top Up Already!

    I didn't check the levels on collection, just assumed there would be sufficient to get me to the first service, never had to top up oil on my previous Audi which was from new. No big deal will get to the garage later today, it says I can continue driving so not a major inconvenience. It does...
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    Oil Top Up Already!

    So I have 4500 miles on the clock and it's saying oil level is low, has anyone else had this alert or is there something I should concerned about that I need to top up the oil already? I need to ring the dealer today to see whether it is a variable or fixed oil change during services. This is...
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    2 week review

    Well was worth a try I suppose. The only other option I could suggest is if you are cruising for a long period at 50/55 is that you could switch the box over to the tip tronic +/- setting which would keep it in the gear selected. Not great but may be helpful in your situation. Thanks getting...