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    S3 Fog Rings Wrapped In 3M Carbon Vinyl

    No worries, As long as you get genuine 3m stuff youll be fine quality wise, theres loads of sellers on Ebay, just make sure its 3M and that the seller has good feedback, Suprisingly the 3M website is pretty cheap, or this one aswell, Carbon Fibre Vinyl and Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap from...
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    S3 Fog Rings Wrapped In 3M Carbon Vinyl

    Come on guys... Google is your freind! LOADS of places sell it including the 3M website!! 3m carbon fibre - Google Search= Carbon Fibre Vinyl: 3M UK & Ireland Got a few little bits i want to wrap myself! Good work paula looks very neat!
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    Branded A3? Ew

    so? someones using it to advertise there company... whats wrong with that? ok the colour is hideaous but its only vinyl writing.
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    2008 58 S3 Bose

    Glad i read this thread, was thinking of retrofitting BOSE in mine, So you would say its better to go with a decent aftermarket kit, How much money we talking to install BOSE just out of interest,
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    Auto folding mirrors when switch off?

    would also be interested in this!!
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    Audi A3 Most Requested Parts Prices

    nice one!
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    My A3 2.0 TDi :)

    worked out about 11 in the end, seems you pay a premium for the SB :unsure:
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    New A3 170 TDI Bedding in

    Do they not have a stage in the map which automatically switches at a certain point? i thought most new cars had this now, My dads Alfa and my mates 3 series both had an ECU "bedding in" stage where the ECU would only let the engine run at 70% (ish) for the first X amount of miles, my Dads...
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    My A3 Sportback 170 Quattro

    Looking good mate! interior is amazing
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    Need advice on what else is needed with coilovers?

    Yeah definately, I go away a week on Wednesday for a week, and Jord is away at the minute so well have to arrange something when were all available,
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    Need advice on what else is needed with coilovers?

    Definately Nath, been mega busy recently but still need to come see you guys! When you thinking?
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    Need advice on what else is needed with coilovers?

    on my bora i used a peice of neopryne (wetsuit material) as a sleeve over my coilovers, as well as lots of belzona anti seize, worked a treat for the best part of 2 years until i got lazy, but yeah tape is a good idea never thought of that!!
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    RS3 little accident

    oooooooo bet thats gonna be an ezpensive fix!! looks like they've gone into somebodys tow bar... reckon it was a journalist?
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    My A3 2.0 TDi :)

    nice car mate! pretty much same spec as mine except i went for the SB and FWD same mileage aswell :D Huge step up from a corsa though ium sure you'll love it!
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    My sportbacks 14 week makeover

    Amazing mate! Where did you pick the roofrails up from? looks like a scary job but im sure its definately worth it, espescially with the respray!!