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    For Sale Audi S3 - 225 BAM

    2002 Audi S3 8L, 1.8 BAM. (Requires some attention) I've owned this car for the last 10 and half years and it has been amazing throughout. It's been used as a weekend car/ visits to inters ect for the last 5 years, so hasn't really done much millage in this time. Current millage is 155k. The...
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    Attendee list Gti International 2nd/3rd June 2018

    1. Administrators 2. Mikesel 3. Audispy 4. Jay A3 5. Chez 6. ScottD3 7. Djalix 8. Damo.h 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

    Detente* resolve
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    ASN's Pub

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    ScottB5 is awesome

    I just like the way he speaks :P
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    ASN's Pub

    Sat out the back of the house programming tomorrow's job up with beer & chilli crisp and a cheeky cheese n chive dip. nom nom nom
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    ASN's Pub

    happy birthday you sun worshipping cnt :moa:
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    New RS3 Owner!

    but then again you do live in afghan pmsl... but yeah that insurance can't be right at that age on that car surly. nice motor all the same dude
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    GTI Inters Discussion Thread

    .ME :(
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    ASN's Pub

    haha we was on it... beer/sunglasses/chair bosh!!
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    ASN's Pub

    well said Michael, I'm waiting for the after pics of Reesy...he got totally fragged lol. what is it with asn I've never seen so many people with gayfever, was like a flippin bereavement meeting under the gaybo come 3pm.
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    ASN's Pub

    morning all. hope everyone got home safely and is hanging out there **** in this heat just like me?
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    ASN's Pub

    take it you took the drivers seat out then and sat on the rears pmsl
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    ASN's Pub

    this makes me happy ;) hope you had complimentary halfords 16" three spoke rims on to go with your jeans tucked into your socks to show your rockport off pmsl
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    ASN's Pub

    oh man that's lovely... but I reckon you'd have looked a cnt anyway's squeezing your fat ed in there :moa: