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    Mk5 gti chassis vs 8p 2.0t sline differences?

    Hi Is there any differences chassis wise between the 2 cars? As I would have thought they'd be identical and all suspension parts would be inter changeable? I'm in the market for a mk5 gti you see and I used to have a A3 dsg sline all be it in diesel guise so i was wondering if it was...
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    A3 2.0TDI low poor sh*t MPG.. driving me crazy some 1help!!

    Mine is DSG which is offers slight condolence to myself when Im back at the petrol station!!!
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    What mpg are you sportback drivers getting? TDI 140 BHP

    "people never quote their engine, whether the figures are real or DIS etc etc. Also, people will look at their DIS more when they are under acceleration, hence it will show more" Exactly, everyone just throws pub figures round the place and tell them selves that there cars are doing 50 mpg!!
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    What mpg are you sportback drivers getting? TDI 140 BHP

    I wouldn't pay to much attention to the DIS as it doesn't seem terribly accurate! well not in my car anyway I usually get in region of 500 miles to a full tank & thats driving until its very nearly empty, in fact I did run out last month & luckily didn't have to bleed the thing! My own fault I...
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    Back box delete on 2.0TDI

    No it does sound subtle, the thing with exhausts is if theres a constant drone it gets tiring very quickly! and although it can be ace giving it the beans down your fav roads its a different story on the motorway for 2 hours!
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    Back box delete on 2.0TDI

    Doesn't sound bad for a derv really nice to hear the turbo spooling, bit bad boy for me had my fill of loud exhausts on old golfs!
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    What do you pay insurance wise?

    £25, half a pack of B&H & a curly whirly!! No seriously all fairly meaningless unless you have very similar postcodes. My insurance at my old flat in south manchester was £700 more than at my mums 15 miles away.
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    Stereo removal in staffordshire

    Just go to your local motorfactors, you will be able to pick some up for less than a fiver
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    A3 2.0TDI low poor sh*t MPG.. driving me crazy some 1help!!

    Oh & my is DIS 6 mpg out so wouldn't bother reading into that to much until you've backed it up with maths. I reset mine when I bought the car, it now says 48.1 for the long term average over the last 9000 miles & I've logged every fill I've made and worked it out (as im sad) & its actually...
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    A3 2.0TDI low poor sh*t MPG.. driving me crazy some 1help!!

    I bought an a3 bkd for the economy as have a long commute at present & travel on average about 350 miles a week and have done 9000 miles in my a3 since mid October. And the best I've managed is 520 miles to a tank and the worse was 460 when the weather was colder, the car is A1 condition and...
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    170 TDI cambelt price!!!

    £425 for cambelt, water pump & dsg oil change. Wouldn't bother with main stealer unless your cars still in warranty or you've got more money than sense!
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    Dension model's confusing

    Give them a call. I bought a second hand dension gateway 100 that cam with both ISO & quadlock harness
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    Aftermarket in an '08 A3 - Pioneer, Kenwood, or Dynavin!

    Ive got a Dynavin for sale, if your interested send me a pm
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    Dension model's confusing

    Id imagine the only difference is the harness as dension sell them on there own, I think there called a break out cable or something