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    Child car seat tether anchor missing on the left side - Help

    I accidentally stumbled across this… but thought I’d add my 2 pence… should be possible to retrofit top tethers, as I did this in my a4 b6 saloon using genuine parts, just took a lot of research findings part numbers etc. I’m planning on doing the same in my b8 saloon although I believe the...
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    For Sale Audi A4 1.9 tdi quattro b6

    Only selling as I’ve upgraded to a b8 a4 quattro, otherwise wouldn’t be selling. • Recently had a new MOT 11 months remaining. • Relatively low mileage for age and anyone who knows these engines, knows there one of Audi/VWs best engine and can easily go to 300,000 plus. • Lots of...
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    For Sale Audi a3 8p tdi quattro breaking

    This was a project but unfortunately the turbo has gone, so breaking to try recover my costs. All parts available including: • red and black leather interior • Armrest • s line rear spoiler • s line front bumper • black carpet and all other interior trim pieces Probably a lot more parts I’ve...
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    I don’t think it does as spare is currently on the car to replace an unrepairable buckled wheel, sorry I couldn’t help.
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 tdi quattro

    Audi a4 2.5 tdi sport quattro I bought this car with the intention of tidying it up a little and keeping, however it is a little more expensive than I expected to insure therefore I have decided to sell instead. Relatively low mileage for these which can be verified with mot history. Rare...
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    Hi if I’m being honest I’m unsure of my plans for the car, as I originally intended to break it but not sure whether to put it back on the road, it just seems too good to break and probably wouldn’t need much to pass mot
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    I’m not really sure what they go for tbh, but had a quick look on eBay, so I’d say around £120, but I’m open to offers. I’ll try take some pics of them you as well I’m next at the car on Tuesday...
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    Yeah still available, I haven’t really removed anything tbh it’s just parked up in my garage, why what parts are you after?
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    In regards to prices I’m not sure what they’re worth tbh, so I’m open to fair offers... All parts still remain on the car and yeah it does have the towbar, I will try take a picture today if I get chance.
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    For Sale Audi a4 b6 breaking

    It is time to unfortunately break my a4 130 tdi quattro, due to buying another car. Parts available: • Gmbh front bumper • Gmbh rear bumper complete with parking sensors • Gmbh door blades • Genuine Audi rs4 style alloys x2 (18” found on the b7 special editions) • All doors, bonnet, boot...