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    Kent Meet

    Ay op. I'm up for a gathering, although scouring the forums trying to find one or arranging one is like pulling teeth. I have a feeling everyone's gone over to social FaceBook, which I don't have.
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    S7 actually worth the premium ? I compared .. (UK)

    Ah I see, so if you want to only buy new, that's the predicament. I agree with the whole fake exhaust thing, it's the same on all the new A7 models though isn't it? Except the RS7? I would've thought the same as you, just get back boxes fitted and adjust the rear bumper. Also worth knowing...
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    S7 actually worth the premium ? I compared .. (UK)

    This is really interesting, thanks for doing this comparison. Petrol is also cheaper, and although I can't speak for real work economy, the 55TFSI is going to be fairly conservative considering it's power and displacement. I know you're asking what the actual difference is and is the £7 worth...
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    Audi S8 Quattro D3 not been started in 10years

    What happened? Did it start? Was the engine in good nick? Did you fix the fault and replace the steering column? How did you spot the car? Did you pay much for it? Mileage? Photos!? Dude so many questions!!!
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    Regular meets?

    It's been so quite on most a few forums, I'm thinking that most of the announcements will be on Facebook, which isn't great as I don't go on Facebook so I'll never know. I'm down in Kent and have been keeping my eye out on the this forum, the VW and SEAT forums, still nothing going on. Maybe...
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    Dyno Day - JF Automotive Maidstone - 23rd Sept

    Guys I know it's a bit late now, but how did you get on? Any one take any pics? I would have loved to have come to this, I simply didn't see this event until it was to late.
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    New S5 Sportback...getting ready to press the button...

    You can buy GAP insurance for as little as £60, so don't pay for it through the dealer.
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    Surrey/Sussex Crime alert

    This is all the info I can get from the .gov website about the car. Vehicle details Vehicle make AUDI Date of first registration March 2012 Year of manufacture 2012 Cylinder capacity (cc) 1984 cc CO₂Emissions 179 g/km Fuel type PETROL Vehicle status Taxed and due Vehicle colour WHITE Revenue...
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    Audi a5 2008 3.0 245 hp

    You're best off getting all the hardware mods done first, before any remaps. Anything you want to change in terms of exhaust, induction, intercooler etc, get that all done. That way when you get your remap, it'll take into account the mods and you'll get the best outcome. The downpipe and cat...
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    Body shop recommendation in SE England

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick one to say that I've recently required the services of a body shop, and living in the South, I got in contact with a chap called Danny from DC Auto repairs in Crayford. I was recommended by a friend who is very OCD with his Audi S3, so with that in mind I...
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    **** Feedback For Tunbridge Wells Audi ****

    Bit late on this one, huge thanks to all at Tunbridge Wells Audi for their hospitality and also a big thank you to Audi Sport, Alex and Sandra for arranging it. It was great to meet like minded people and didn't mind my SEAT tagging along too.
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    cant decide on next car! audi a5 2.7tdi vs audi tt 3.2

    The 2.7tdi only has about 190bhp i think? lots of torque as you know. Personally I'd go for the TT. Have you considered the 2.0 turbo A5? you can tune that to the same if not more than the TT. The TT has a more accessible boot as it's a hatch, it's faster, sounds better, more exciting to drive...
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    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    I might be bringing the missus, Kelly, she's got her eye on an A1 and wants to have a nose at Audi in general.
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    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    Lovely! Thanks, name is Chris.
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    [Feb 21, 2016] Turnbridge Wells Audi Dealership Meet (Kent)

    Would you guys mind if I come in my SEAT Leon?