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    Purchasing tyres from the internet

    I recently found myself browsing through the internet looking at tires. It blows my mind to look at the way things have changed over the past 100 years in relation to tires. To think that they once began as a wooden circle and have developed to the point that they are capable of carrying a...
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    I love the pictures of the birds. I just placed my first bird feeder this past year. I am excited to see what types of birds come around this coming year now that I have had the feeder up for a whole season. I surprisingly have a variety of birds near my home that I have seen even though I live...
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    There are some really nice pictures there. I especially love the stone arch. I have always been drawn to stone structures for some reason. I also really enjoy the various pictures of what I assume are European villages and towns. I like those from the vantage point of the hilltops. I would love...
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    Nelson Mandela

    This is another incredible loss to the world. I have always held Nelson Mandela with the greatest respect and highest regard. He is an incredible example of what a fully actualized human being with a cause and purpose can accomplish. Seriously, who else is able to claim that they ended slavery...
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    R.I.P paul walker

    The death of Paul Walker was certainly a major loss to the world at large. I am still hearing about things he was actively involved with that are focused on making a difference in the world. He had his own non-profit organization that is focused on responding to natural disasters around the...
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    Air Stewardess

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    The Nurse!!!!!

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    Fast bike??? Faster Audi!!!!

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    does anyone know this car?

    should be fine if you want you could plug it into vagcom and see if any old codes come up that havent been cleared
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    F**cking Merc drivers

    lool felt like i was doing my hazard perception test out of criosity why were you recording anyway?
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    Stupid Cow !

    damn you must really love her to let her drive your baby
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    a3 3.2 v6 - how to modify exhaust CHEAP!!

    i would also get and induction kit will add to the rawwww :)