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    No remap said I was burning oil

    Good stuff. The car drives far better with all those extras off it. Lol. Cost me £700 from tuning company to do. Car runs great now
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    Interior scratch removal

    They both look tidy
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    Interior scratch removal

    Any pics of the carbon wrap. I'm thinking about it.
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    No remap said I was burning oil

    My 170 was the exact same. It was the oil seal in the turbo and the intercooler had gone too. Also had to replace the tandem pump and diesel pump in the boot. This cured all my problems ,like the ones you have. Got the remap dpf and egr delete. Like a new car now.
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    audi a4 tdi 170 lumpy idle

    Well my 170 had the lumpy idle and then got very smelly fumes out the back. Got motor checked and the tandem pump seal had gone. This in turn lead me to need a fuel pump too. This was all found out when I went to get remap dpf and egr removal. Also front lower intercooler and turbo oil seal...
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    Sorry. Yes. It was down on power when he checked car at start. Pulled off pipe at intercooler and oil came out. After everything repaired still done on power. He then checked fuel pump and filter and it has full of black oily crap . He reakons that tje pump may be damaged now. Would a bad pump...
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    Really ****** off now. Left my car in for a dpf/egr delete and remap. The guy found my oil seal gone on turbo,intercoer busted and my fuel pump full of crap. Now the car should be putting out 200+bhp. It is only up to 170bhp. Prior to all the work it was only putting oit 140bhp. Steven reakons...
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    EGR/DPF removal

    dont talk to me.Steven at autotune called me and said wee issue with your car (****E ran thru my head).Turns out the oil seal on my turbo is passing,now i need a turbo rebuild!!!! This would explain the funny smell that started last week when car on idle in drive.Steven doing it as soon as parts...
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    EGR/DPF removal

    Will do
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    EGR/DPF removal

    Car booked in for friday.Egr/Dpf then a remap.Hopefully i wont be disapointed
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    Auto fold mirrors

    If your motor has the rsne headunit,then yes it has bluetooth.Took me a few trys to get my phone connected
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    any n Ireland chaps.

    Hi all I am thinking of going the egr and dpf removal route. Either getting it done by auto tune or torquetronix. Anybody in my area get this in derry/londonderry. Cheers
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    Low oil level warning 2.0TDi

    Mines did the same. Orange light was the sensor. Replaced and fine since