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    2008 Scirocco

    We had one in the work car park on trial from the leasing company. Nice looking beast to be honest, not subzero but you can't argue with what you get for the same money as a GTI. It's stonking value.
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    Polished Bliss vs 20 year old 911 Supersport

    Nice job, I have a slight misgiving though - I know "the customer i always right" and all that, but how did you feel about putting Vintage on a car that isn't fully corrected? If it was me, I'd always be thinking of Paris Hilton - beneath the flashy exterior lies something a bit trashy :p
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    AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

    Witherspoon VWAudi - Edinburgh. 2nd year service including brake fluid/pollen filter £293.77 (Edinburgh Audi had quoted £360 plus extra for the brake fluid change) Obviously it's not as swanky as the main dealer, being a service centre only, but I don't need designer furniture in my...
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    AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

    Had my car booked in at Edinburgh Audi today and phoned them up to find out when they were going to pick up my car. Turns out they "lost" my booking after installing a new computer system. Alls well that ends well though - I've booked in at Witherspoon VWAudi (approved VW Audi repair centre)...
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    Retrofit interior light package?

    Justa quick bump - finally got around to doing this - as easy as it sounds, just take off covers, undo 2 screws and swap over the electrics.
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    Retro-Fit Flat Tyre Warning Indicator

    Yes, the TPMS basically monitors the rolling diameter of your tyres and if it changes fast it assumes you have a flat tyre. Easy install, but requires some wiring skills and someone with a vagcom.
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    Fully booked until 2009 - diary now closed

    You are going to need another site if this continues. Surely your bank must be pleased with you at the moment?
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    Audi reveals 2009 A3 facelift and A3 Sportback

    To be honest, the only compelling thing about the facelifted models for me is the magnetic ride, which is absolutely awesome in the TT. Maybe I'm getting old, but after 2 years the suspension/ride on my S-Line is getting annoying being that hard. Mate at work has the TT with mag suspension...
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    iPhone and Audi phone prep/MFSW

    You get everything with the iPhone except BT headset and a case to protect it - I was pretty impresssed. Ideally I'd like a spare USB/charge lead so I can leave one on the PC and have a seperate charger but no-one gives you that. I want a 3G version? Yes, but only because it is so good at the...
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    Audi A3 Models... What The Heck???

    Yup, an "SE Special Edition" will have a few factory fitted extras on top of the standard "SE" spec.
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    OMG I'm in love!

    If anyone has the cash lying aorund - there's a nice one for sale in Edinburgh: Pretty good price for the spec imo, especially...
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    How would you describe road surfaces in your area

    Edinburgh's roads are so bad that sometimes I have diffculty in telling whether it's a cobbled street or not.
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    Opinions please: new portfolio format...

    The main problem of sound is the "annoyance" factor. As a web developer something that sounds good to you might drive someone else barmy. Additionally, volume is a huge issue. Many people leave their PC speaker systems on all the time but you don't know how loud - you could possibly scare the...
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    Opinions please: new portfolio format...

    Yeh, sound is one of the first things people start adding to webpages when they develop. It's also one of the last things you will see on a professional website (with a few exceptions). If you want sound/movies, either embed it and let the user click to start it, or provide a link for them to...
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    What MPG do you 2.0T boys get

    2.0T Quattro SLine :)