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    Tyre wear - 2.0Tdi 190

    Mine came with Michelin primacy 3s and they're not quite at the limit yet, probably at 2mm, but I've covered 15,500 miles now. My wife has those same hankooks on her golf and they are at 2mm after 2 years and nearly 18,000 miles.
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    Lack of dipstick making me nervous...

    I'm at just over 15000 miles in one year, and not had to put any more oil in.
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    Self Closing Boot - Warning Sound

    The Avant boot will close using the switch in the door, but you need the ignition on. It makes a beeping sound while it closes.
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    Drive Select on 1.4 TFSI Sport

    You get efficiency in the diesel Sport trim (I've got a 190 2.0 TDI), so might not be a trim specific. You'll need other petrol drivers to help you I think.
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    2017/18 Maps...

    How can you update with the SD card version? Just spent a week in Glasgow and there is a huge amount of roadworks going on, and reconfiguration of road layouts, so it will be good to be able to keep it up to date for future visits.
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    Anybody beat 68.9mpg

    Managed over 70mpg up and down the M1/M25 a couple of weeks ago. 190 Sport Avant.
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    Inspection Service Schedule

    When I contacted Audi about it, they said it could either be set at 9000 miles, or 19,000 miles. Nothing on time. But...they said it was my choice. I've paid for a service plan, that if I stick to 19,000 miles will get me 2 services. If I switch to the 9000 miles, I'll get another one. They...
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    S4 - No option for adaptive cruise??

    Shouldn't be a dream. Its already standard on VW Golf and Passat beyond the entry level models.
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    Avant dog guard

    Another B9 owner with an iCandy peach! We've since moved to an umbrella fold Silver cross buggy and frustratingly, it only fits in the boot diagonally, which doesn't save a lot of room in the end. Will be interesting getting suitcases and buggy to the airport in September! The net partition...
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    Hill Hold Assist - Retrofit

    I asked Audi customer services and they said it wasn't a retro fit option due to wiring required. I had assumed it was all there except for the switch given it's such a cheap option.
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    B9 A4/S4 - Little Surprises

    Got a Spotify/CarPlay issue but don't think it's the A4 that's the problem if anyone else is experiencing this. If Spotify is already running on my phone and I connect it up and go into CarPlay, I can go into albums and playlists but when I pick a track or shuffle play, the track doesn't play...
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    Ordering help.

    I've used carwow twice. I used carwow to get my A4 from Coventry Audi with 15.8% off retail price. Dealer behaviour isn't carwow's fault and they ask for feedback from you on the experience. I also used a quote from Newton Abbot VW to get money off at Milton Keynes VW to get my wife's Golf...
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    Audi configurator changes

    You can get lucky sometimes. Ordering at one MY price but still getting the MY changes. Happened on our Golf. Got newer infotainment and newer more powerful engine for no added cost. One thing seems to be consistent, the new MY comes with a higher price.
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    Auto locking

    I wasn't trying to start anything. Just curious as to why I'd want to disable it. I can see the advantage of locking the doors when on the move but don't know the benefits of stopping that from happening.
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    Auto locking

    Out of interest, why would you want to deactivate it?