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    Kenwood plug to Audi A2 (2004)

    Kenwood plug to Audi A2 (2004) I have a cd player which I bought around 2 years ago which is a Kenwood cd player. Are there specific harnesses that I would need for it to work in my A2? It's an '04' plate , and at the moment it has the Chorus cassette deck Thanks in advance Tony
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    A2 power increase methods

    has anyone successfully increased the power of their A2? ie, anyone used a supercharger etc? wondering if it could be worth doing ? Tony
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    Cardiff Audi have turned my drama into a crisis!

    firstly, I'd want the £440 back, as the problem was not resolved first time round, secondly I'd download the manual and electrics manual from here and trace the problem. Also, do they flash after heavy braking, as I recall them to come on in an emergency ie, heavy braking. So this may lead to...
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    Climate Control Blowing Hot Constant

    After getting my car serviced, the climate control blows red hot air constantly, no matter which temp setting I have it on. Is there any disconnecting of anything involved in servicing these cars? Thanks Tony
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    Audi Concert Radio Code

    Ive won a Concert cd player on ebay, iam just wondering, is the code 4 digits or 6 digits as it has 6 written on it. Thanks Tony
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    Bulb Replacement

    thanks dude, sussed it out, i just took the whole unit out and changed it that way :)
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    Bulb Replacement

    This might sound a but silly, but how do you change a headlight bulb? I had a look this morning and cant figure out how to get at them.... :sadlike:
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    cool, thanks :)
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    sorry i hadnt realised ive posted before.... do you have a serial number so i get the right one?
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    In my A2, it came with the cassette player, but id prefer a CD player.... What Audi units fit the A2, so it looks original.....? The car is on 04 plate :icon_thumright:
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    Low fuel warning beep

    Is it possible to stop the annoyingly loud beep when low on fuel? It drives me bonkers !!!
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    Emission Control

    This light has came up on the dash,could anyone tell me what has caused it???? Thanks Tony
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    Stereo advice

    Hi, I believe the stereo from the TT has the same fascia fitting as an A2? If so, iam after a cd player to replace my cassette in my A2 if anyone can help? Thanks Tony Mc:hi:
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    part number check

    Hi my A2 has a tape stereo and iam after the cd stereo. Would this fit my car? It is a 2004 04 plate. Part number:- 8p0035186c thanks again Tony Mc
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    wiper blade for A2

    not sure, what is the difference? i'll check when the missus comes back as she has gone to work in it also how would i be able to order one from you? thanks Tony Mc (pm details please)