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    Talk me out of buying a FL RS3

    Good morning Pre facelift driver but have spotted something that I really really like the look of. Things putting me off - New model 8Y to proliferate the market next year further eroding residuals of current 8V facelift model - Sale prices are almost £10k above trade value on WBAC -...
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    Tracking our new RS3?

    Needs roof rails, a pano roof and some alcantara on the steering wheel IMO...
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    13 months on

    Is it just me who couldn’t give a toss about heated and electric seats? Wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if the seats weren’t heated.
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    New RS3 8Y Design Details

    The problem with Nardo Grey now is that there’s a plethora of manufacturers releasing cars in this colour. I’m seeing lots of bog standard 2020 Golfs with Nardo zooming about. It’s no longer exclusive to the Audi RS range. I wonder what colour will really let people know it’s an RS3. Any idea...
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    New RS3 8Y Design Details

    Am I being silly or can we not spec the pan roof anymore? Wouldn’t let me add it on the S3 configurator and haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere - have they removed it as option on the RS3?
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    New 2022 RS3 videos

    Pan roof an option?
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    Had this issue on mine. 5 pot drowns it out nicely!
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    8V Facelift Grill Swap

    Bit of hammerite paint, job done.
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    Audi RS3 Mrc

    Can’t you take it to an independent specialist for a look rather than going cap in hand to Audi?
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    PFL RS3 wanted, any tips?

    Nice colour! Errors on the dash is concerning given you have just purchased the vehicle. Did you get a warranty and have you contacted the dealer?
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    New 2022 RS3 videos

    Is it just me or does it sound meh? Obviously it still has the nice 5 pot sound but those exhaust notes whilst the car was revving in dynamic mode were grim.
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    Anyone any idea what this 'rubbing' noise could be coming from the front driver side of my PFL Rs3? Has been serviced and checked recently. I thought it was coming from the brakes but mechanic found nothing untoward relating to the brakes. Audi and an indy both found nothing. Bizarre! This car...
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    Prefl brake issues

    Superb! I do like the round discs aswell. Squeal free I hope?
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    Sportback Refurbished rotor alloys

    You won’t regret it!
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    Sportback Refurbished rotor alloys

    Good luck. I’m sure you’re excited! What do you drive currently?