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    Engine decarbonising

    My intercooler split on my 2007 2.0tdi, while replacing it i decided to strip the entire system, intake and exhaust Inc turbo. Cleaned out the turbo with some ovenquiries cleaner. I also had a look at the cat and on the input side of the honeycomb around 50/60% was clogged with carbon deposits...
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    Like or not - Flashing brake light

    Where did you get that rear valance? Love it.
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    V6 exhaust help/info needed

    Have you got any videos?
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    Pcv/Breather hoses S4

    I have a 3.0 V6 and mine does the same so im guessing it will be the same procedure for me?
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    Hub and wheel bearings

    i just replaced mine and when i ordered my hubs/bearings they werent specific to my quattro avant so yeh i would say they are all inter changeable, as they are all the same chassis and drive trains
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    DRL's and new projectors fitted

    I appreciate this is an old thread but do you have a how to guide on exactly how you did it? And some photos with the custom indicators you mentioned?
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    Help! Drone front drivers side

    Did anyone figure this beast out? My '03 3.0 avant is doing the same and it's breaking me. Even with the music blasting then I can still hear/feel it. I've not changed the bearings yet as I'm still trying to pin point the issue so I limit the amount I'm spending on the car. Many thanks guys.
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    DIY sports exhaust

    So pretty much a full straight pipe system, I have 3 young kids so I'm also concerned about the interior drone, it doesn't bother me but obviously don't want to deafen the kids. Don't know wether to remove the centre resonator or the back boxes? Any suggestions?
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    DIY sports exhaust

    I have 3.0 Quattro avant with a full std system on it and it just don't tickle me that much sound wise, I was looking into gutting out the pre cats and heard that improves the sound and makes it fart and burble, then I came across this video and wondering if anybody had any tips on previous...
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    Sport steering wheel

    How difficult is it to replace? My sport steering wheel is that worn it now has a mirror finish on it and if it's not too technical to swap I may be interested.
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    Painting roof rails?

    You could use plasti dip that stuff is pretty tough.
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    Help on clunk noise

    Brilliant write up. Now just to source the parts and actually have a spare bit of time to fit it.
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    Help on clunk noise

    That would be awesome if you could now I know that it's not an internal gearbox thing then it's bugging me.
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    Help on clunk noise

    They difficult or expensive to replace?