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    Will a Sachs DMF fit a car that originally had a LUK ?

    Hi mate Sachs dont do a DMF they only make the single mass flywheel. If you want a DMF it has to be the oem LUK one which does the job fine. Did mine a few months back ;-)
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    Few s3 question

    Hi i'm selling my ITG if your interested plenty of write ups on here about the kit.....its awesome.....selling the S3 :-(
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    My S3 thoughts so far.....

    Mine was same mate ....i got some velcro strips and used the ''soft'' half of the velcro and stuck it on the back of the seatbelt holder....quite as a mouse now !
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    Labour time for Turbo on a 2.0TDi Quattro

    I agree, me and a mate did the clutch and flywheel in 4 hrs on my S3 !!
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    flywheel question

    Yeah thats what you need mate. The oem LuK flywheel is the original dual mass flywheel in your car and the only dual mass flywheel available for it. Sachs dont make a DMF they only make the single mass flywheels. If you were to call Audi and order a new DMF they would supply the Luk and it...
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    Ive just checked the GIAC website and can only find the EXTREME map,which is basically the equivelent of Revo 2+ from my reading but has no power figures. There is no mention of a Hammer map !?
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    I got mine done there, GIAC re-map with ITG intake rolled @ 328 bhp......since found out there is a ''hammer'' & ''Extreme" map from Giac ive no idea if mine is any of these and wondered if you could shed any light on what the differences are ?? Jim didn't mention these when i got it done....
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    Red or black S3

    Black !!
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    DMF Knackered!

    Thats where i got mine hassels at all.
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    DMF Knackered!

    The flywheels can be had for £207+vat !! Genuine Oem LuK ones
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    Audi S3 uprated clutch

    There is a Helix clutch available but don't know much about it , the Sachs is by far the more common route to upgrade. Regarding the flywheel I would advise you change it with the clutch imo,once your clutch slips it shines up the flywheel and may cause issues with the new clutch . Me and a...
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    Audi S3 uprated clutch

    Yeah it's the oem LUK flywheel I have recently fitted mine ... I'd have been gutted had I paid Audi for it !!
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    Audi S3 uprated clutch

    Everywheres pretty much the same mate i got mine from JKM inc the release bearing/slave it was about £500 . Dont buy the flywheel from them or Audi as there twice the price !!! The same flywheel can be had from here- Its £207 +vat. ;-)
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    A question for Sachs organic performance clutch users on the S3.

    Thats the baby.......have no issues with the Sachs its bedded in great and feels almost Oem .
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    Ive got Uniroyal Rainsport 2's on my S3..........there fantastic in all conditions !!