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    1.9 TDi vs 2.0 TDi

    Definitely the 1.9 better fuel economy and have seen them with 3-400000 miles on. Also sold a A4 1.9 Tdi to a VW master technician and he had the same opinion and wouldn't look at a 2.0 i had on site would only entertain the 1.9.
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    Finance Advice Please....

    When doing a PCP always use a small deposit, also make sure when entering in to this type of agreement that it is a PCP and not a personal lease or personel contract paln as there is a big difference at the end of the agreement. On a PCP if the final figure is say £12000 and the car is worth...
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    Some advice on finance needed please.

    Probably a bit late, but for future reference it is actually the supplying dealers responsibility to make sure that any car they sell is clear from finance before they release the vehicle so it would actually be them you would need to speak to and they would be liable for all costs including out...
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    Possible 18" rim dimensions

    Hi Tom Just so that i can advise sizes, what sort of vehicle are you looking to fit these to?
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    close colour code for gunmetal grey RS4 wheels

    Hi I believe that the colour of the wheel is classed as Audi Titanium and the correct colour code is 8AU. Thanks Simon
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    After Sales In- Warranty Service any advice please

    Hi Having worked at new and used car dealers for the last twenty years if there is fault with the vehicle up to a year since purchase they are responsible as the car is not "fit for purpose" or of "merchantable quality" make sure you take the car in and make them record the instances you have...
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    Will new RS4 19x9ET29 fit S4 B6??

    Has anybody fitted fairly wide 19" wheels to an S4 B6? These are the wheels: Your advice much appreciated...