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    Difference between Sports and standard exhaust?

    My new FL has the standard exhaust and its pretty loud on start-up and accelerating. May be this is because compared with the PFL the FL has got straight pipes where the PFL had secondary CATS - see other thread. I'm pleased I didn't hold out for Sports Exhaust, also it doesn't have Mag. Ride...
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    new rs3 ordered

    What sort of delivery date did they quote you for a factory order? My dealer didn't have any allocation and couldn't give me any solid date so I bought a stock car. What did you prefer in the test drive to the Focus RS?
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    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    Ive got a set of PFL Milltek decat pipes, new, never fitted if anyone wants them let me know.
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    Facelift RS MATS

    You can always order A3 rubber front mats from your Audi dealer, they were about £35 last time I got them. I prefer these as they tight fit right up to the edges of the foot well and catch all the dirt and easily cleaned.
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    Is it a factory order, when do they expect delivery? My dealer had no allocation and order ahead of me so Im getting a stock car instead.
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    Thanks teslaboy, infact it should be faster as lighter without all the optional glitter added.
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    Mines a low spec car too, upgraded wheels and Privacy. I'm getting the Ali mirrors wrapped in carbon, the rest is mainly black apart anyway. Will I miss all the gizmos?
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    Yes, agree, you can have so much of Tech., VC is the big change, I'm not interested in APPS and audio stuff, it's a car not a computer. Reason Im going for one is the new engine, updated gearbox and Haldex tweaks. Hope Im not going to be disappointed.
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    The S5 is a lot more up to date technology-wise than the PFL RS3 I had before and the FL wasn't available to order at the time. Agree for two people S5 is just too big.
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    Decisions...RS3 or??

    I've had an S5 SB for the past 6 months or so and am changing it for a FLRS3. Main reason the S5 is its far too big for my needs. It does have instant get up and go and I don't find the 8 speed box a problem but its a bit "all or nothing" as the turbo comes in almost all the time. Other than...
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    One word to describe your RS3

    Is it quicker then the pre- FL model as I've got one coming soon?
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    Mods on A5/S5

    That's a dealer job then, how much labour do they charge? Where can you get the RS paddles, are they any longer?
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    Mods on A5/S5

    Me too, how difficult a job is that to do?
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    Mods on A5/S5

    No, according to their configurator.