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    S3's with FMIC's - Who do you insure with?

    I used to be with Admiral. They charged me an admin fee for the change but no extra on the premium. FMIC's aren't really a performance mod, they only let you keep what you've got for longer on a hot day!
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    Sports cat recommend?

    Sports cats, as said, should pass no problem if run well and the garage knows what they're doing. But if you're going to swap it every year for the MOT, then just de-cat and enjoy the pops and bangs off throttle!
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    Evening all...

    The 1.8 20v isn't exactly the most refined engine in the world and beyond a remap the diminishing returns hit hard. And turbo lag is no fun! Jason, if I were to do it all again it'd still look exactly the same! Only thing I'd change would be some smaller lighter wheels for track/fun - and maybe...
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    Evening all...

    Good to see you guys are still around! Although not completely surprised :D Prawn, JBS were coming out with much bigger numbers by the time I sold the S3, but I've always thought that it's just daft to try and get there with an 8L - chassis, transmission, engine, etc. are all too limiting to...
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    Evening all...

    I've not been round this way for a while but thought I should pop by and say hello to some old friends. Hope you're all well? No longer driving an Audi, but not far from it - Mk7 Golf R these days! (Parked in Glen's spot) Still got that bugging temptation to get another boggy blue S3 :)
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    8L S3 Black Grill De-chroming

    Unfortunately the guy I sold it to put all the bling bits back on, and I think it's since been sold on to someone down south. (but I still have the spare adaptor for the locking wheel nuts...)
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    8L S3 Black Grill De-chroming

    Did someone say de-chrome? Looks best on noggy blue...
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    Difference in interior on B7 RS4!

    The carbrio has the round vents. It's not just the RS4, but the same across the B7 platform. The Avant and the saloon both have the same style interior. The different steering wheel is the multi-function option with all the stereo bits on it, but not the sport button - that goes on the dash instead.
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    KO4 hybrid or Garrett Gt2860rs

    You don't have to do the rods on the Garrett turbo, but you're at the upper limit of the standard kit. Price difference can be down to many things, mainly the fact that a hybrid can be done on an exchange basis and doesn't need any additional pipework to make it fit. The hybrid will have...
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    Global warming interesting read.....

    There's quite a lot that don't agree with AGW, and in terms of 'peer reviewed' stuff? Heh, you do know about climategate don't you?
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    Global warming interesting read.....

    Crikey, is the education system that bad these days????? Plants absolutely thrive on CO2 and it is used in commercial greenhouses along with fertilisers. And if you want to debate about the facts, you better make sure you know them all from both sides of the arguement. Most AGW theories from the...
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    Are you depressed?

    Blue Monday was so bad for me I've ended up logging on here and now I'm posting. My social life could be over again....
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    new wheels 19s

    You're not driving it properly then! Those wheels and tyres, with spacers, will rub frequently when driven hard. Mine used to do it with higher suspension and only 10mm spacers. Heh, and little difference to your standard wheels? Not unless you have very straight, smooth roads down that way.
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    Lightweight alloys.

    Those MTMs are anything but light. Big heavy things they are. If I could justify the cost I'd have Dymags on my car.
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    new wheels 19s

    Looks good. The MTMs go well on an S3, and at their best in black! Where's your centre caps?