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    Lowering springs

    Hi rob, yeah one of the jobs on my list is callipers clean up and paint, I’ve already had it in the workshop to under seal as living where I live cars rust and rot away here. that would be great I would really appreciate that , you could pm me if you want any details. cheers Chris
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    Lowering springs

    Thanks Rob, Looks ace looks like i will be orderding the Eibach Pro 30mms ha Cheers for the pics much appreciated. Car Looks good
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    New to me b8 after coming from my old reliable b7
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    Lowering springs

    Thanks rob I look forward to seeing you car. cheers
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    Lowering springs

    Have you got any pics bud id like to see what a 30mm drop would look like :) ? Cheers
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    Lowering springs

    thank you for the reply, im looking at 30mm springs or 40mm then.
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    Lowering springs

    Hi guys, this has probably been coverd before but looking for some advice, ive recently purchased a audi a4 b8 avant 2.0tdi quattro black edition face lift and looking to fit h&r lowering springs, what how much is the car already lowerd being an sline black edition ? Cheers
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    Help Engine Turns over but non start

    Evening all having a bit of a problem with my A4 B7 avant 2.0tdi, went out to the car the other night after not using it for a week and a half about 2 degrees outside tried to start it and was a very slow turn over followed by the click of the starter so battery off and on charge, fully charged...
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    Tow bar on S-line???

    Got mine off ebay for £220 in total I think, a tow trust one is a decent make easy to fit just have to remove the bumper, and cut a slight notch into the rear defuser, took a few hours and the wiring was very easy just wired into the rear light. Any questions I'd be glad to help fitted mine in...
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    S3 Door Issues

    I am having the same issue With the passengers side door on my a6 just keeps bouncing open ? The drivers one seems to be ok with allot of wd40 and opening and closing. Any help would be great
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    Whats the best solution for foaming my car?

    I find car plan demon shine is really good for foaming on and it also has a nice smell of apples ;) haha, but no it is good stuff I'd recommend :)
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    High and low beam with aftermarket projectors

    ahh ok exellent cheers for that, that was my only querie wasif there was a separate wiring system or something for them but that's exllent thanks for that. Yeah I've seen that a few do only just supply the lights and not the motors too. Cheers for the info you can guess what's going in my ebay...
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    High and low beam with aftermarket projectors

    Loving those lights I'm looking at a set but the black ones :). Can I ask you a question, I'm guessing the plug that the head light plugs into sorts out the h9 bulb and projector flap to do the switching from hi to low ? Also did they have the headlight level motors installed ? Any feedback...
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    Issues fitting coilovers A4 B7

    Head inducer, or using the gas I find usually helps pinch bolts are never easy there always a b*****d to remove as I am a mechanic, if you know your going to need to remove them try soaking in wd40 or finlube or some sort of penetrating fluid for an hour or so and that helps allot and then just...
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I'm going to sell my MK1 RNS-E unit with 2 memory cards, 2014 audi maps disc and also a gps unit, I also have conversion plugs if anybody needs them. The unit it's self is like new honestly not a mark on it also have the pin. I'd like to get £380 for it Make me an offer Cheers guys