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May 15, 2013
Jan 17, 2011
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    1. medicpaul
      Hi mate, did the wheels get collected, I had another collection failed email!! This is getting beyond a joke with this courier, to top it all off I'm in hospital typing this with the newborn, has a ****** infection.
      Let me know what was said your side and the next day your available and i'll ensure the wheels are picked up this time.
      cheers Paul.
    2. medicpaul
      Marc, not sure if your getting my pm's. Send me your name, address, email and telephone number to arrange courier for next tuesday. Do you think 2 wheels in each box will be moveable by the courier? Max weight per parcel is 25kg. Once we determine this I'll get the courier arranged and labels sent to you
      cheers Paul.
    3. medicpaul
      Hi Marc, will be sometime this week, is that ok, dont wanna leave myself short. Is that OK, if not I'll use my "RESERVES" and pay today. When will the wheels be ready?
    4. medicpaul
      yep, mark as SOLD!
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