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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Yes thats what i read. Performance is still fine, And considering there is no smoke on start up or on idle i cant see it being engine side. Only smokes when the car is moving which to me indicates turbo seals. I could be wrong but that's my look on it. Going to check the intercooler pipes later...
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Hi Thanks for the reply, Totally under stand what your saying but we have carried out a few tests etc and the car only seems to smoke when planted to the floor or when you pull away and it has abit of boost then you change gear and it puffs out a little bit of smoke. On idle the car does not...
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Starting to think its Turbo seals that are causing the smoke. My mate hasn't long bought the car so a TTE turbo isn't viable at the moment. Does any one have any recommendations for a good K04 turbo? Cheers
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    Just fitted Good Year Eagle F1 Super Sports, alot quieter than the Michelins previously. Seem Perfect so far :icon thumright:
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    Milltek downpipe fitment

    I believe the downpipes are the same for 3 door/ 5 door its just the back box/centre is slightly different as the sport back is slightly longer. But down pipe all the same :icon thumright:
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Hi guys abit of and update and some help/advise. Ordered oil will be carrying that out tomorrow. My mate bought some Colder spark plugs and a PCV delete. So I fitted both and have taken some pics of the old plugs as they have only done about 5000 miles (per receipt) and the pcv I replaced a few...
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Done abit of reading up and a lot of people mention Valve stem seals. Can it just happen like that within a day or so? Only thing I noticed a lot of people mention it smokes from cold with stem seals where his car does not. First thing in the morning no smoke, drive for a bit no smoke when it...
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Thanks will talk to him and give it a go.
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    S3 Blue Smoke

    Hi guys, my mate has just bought a 2009 S3 manual a few days ago, all was fine we picked it up drove home etc perfect. We both went out today and I noticed abit of blue smoke coming out the exhaust when he is stopped at a junction and then pulls off, not every time but say 5 out of 10 times it...
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    Pics pls! H&R springs on s38p w 18 inch wheels

    My H&R springs killed off my dampers & top mounts with in a month but they where original so 10 years old. I Purchased genuine dampers etc from TPS and the ride is perfect, not to much different from standard but i agree on rough surface they are abit crashy but how the car sits, handles and...
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    Pics pls! H&R springs on s38p w 18 inch wheels

    This is my S3 on H&R springs front and Rear on standard 18" wheels :icon thumright:
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    For Sale 2.0tfsi Hybrid Turbo Adaptor

    Recently bought a Miltek Downpipe for my S3 8p and it came with a Hybrid/Big turbo flange Adaptor if it’s of any use to someone?
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    S3 Lowering Spings

    I have H&R springs on mine with new Genuine Shocks, ride doesn't seem much different from standard car is alot lower so take care over speed bumps and parking with kerbs about. Standard wheels no rubbing not even with the misses, my little one and a 800w Quad in the boot :) Only thing i am...
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    Stage 2+ Dyno readings.... Hmmmm any input?

    Migh I cant be 100% sure but it could be down to your DSG gearbox on the Rollers. Does it feel good and powerful on the road driving it? Only saying that as some of the older members might remember AlexWill (I think that was his members name) had the same issue with his at the rolling road...
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    Will have to get on the hunt then, Where abouts are you? Do you know where the module might be? Under the dash or in the boot? Thanks for your help much appreciated