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    The dreaded ABS light

    Will check this code. And get back to you .
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    audi a2 steering wheel

    the A3 steering wheel will fit. I have fitted one to my A2...
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    A2 power increase methods

    If it is a 1.4 petrol, you could just swop the AUA engine for an AUB engine power from 75bhp to 100bhp.
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    Engine change?

    I have taken mine out from above with a crane...
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    The dreaded ABS light

    I have changed mine twice in the 14 years that I have had my Audi S4. you can change the module on the side of the ABS pump with out removing the pump from the car. give me the part number on the black peace that the wiring plugs into..
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    s4 power

    Yes standard K04's with FMIC and water injection.
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    s4 power

    [QUOTE= Having said that, I know of at least two cars running 500bhp on just standard K04's. Now these cars will be running crazy boost and won't be there for the long haul! I think both are just 'experiments' to see what you can get out of K04's. The S4 internals are on their limit here...
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    Looking at 2001 S4 (rebuilt title)

    you need to find out how much damage was on the car and what was repaired.
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    RS4 V's M3 E92

    very good. BMW is always going to put away, less transmission loss..
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    What to do next

    more like S I think..
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    Anyone usinin W/M injection??

    Yes, only fitted my kit because I had upgraded to RS4 IC's on my S4 and was a lot better, But the intake temp was still getting to high. The Aquamist 2D kit solved this problem. But then fitted a FMIC anyway.
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    S4/RS4 steering racks..........

    think they are different. Remember fitting a S3 rack to a A3 1.9tdi quattro. was much better and less turns lock to lock..
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    Anyone usinin W/M injection??

    I run water injection on an S4. but use an aquamist kit. works very well..
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    Calling MRC 400/500 club!

    That car in the video is mine.. Just done another S4 another 400+ yellow S4. modding it to date. RS4 IC's with boost pipes and brackets £350, KO4's with less than 5k from new £ 300 each. RS4 down pipes gutted £200, All fitting pipes, gaskets,oil seals and new RS4 clutch £630 from...
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    need direction with my b5 s4.

    Modding an audi S4 can be done on a budget, KO4's are the easy way to go, and once fitted you car easy get 400bhp with 400+ torque. believe me it will be enough power for you.