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    Selling my toys

    need to sell my toys to fund next project Cheers
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    RS3 with 350bhp??

    Surley a 'Cold Air Induction' Is better for a performance tuned engine.. But if they offer nothing more than noise then i will remove mine and ebay it... As for the denting the bank balance, what about the 10k he spent on getting that extra 140 hp. CAI would be drop in the ocean.
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    RS3 with 350bhp??

    The RS3 looks like its still using the standard airbox, Surely if you gonna spend that much money for in the hunt for performance you would fit CAI at least...
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    Castrol SLX and SLX LongTec

    I dont know, and thats what i told the dealer so thats what he gave me. Must be good for the car.
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    MAF sensor cleaning

    I cleaned my a couple of weeks ago, i used an alcohol based cleaner. It did have an affect but no where near enough so i ended up replacing it. Chris
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    Castrol SLX and SLX LongTec

    I went to my dealer (Camberley AUDI) and asked for some oil and i was given this SLX Longtec stuff and was told that this is specificly for S3 and TT's. So in it went... Chris
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    Power steering warning on DIS

    Hmmm, ok thanks. Looks i better get some new pads as i'm going to the 'ring again next weekend. Tempted for a set of Ferodo 2000..
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    Power steering warning on DIS

    Here is a pic of the warning Is this brakes or steering? Thanks
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    Cambelt Question

    As meantioned before I've got an S3 so dont really read much on the A6, but a friend has asked me [ QUOTE ] Can you do me a favour and post a question about when cambelt will need to be changed on the Audi A6 Avant 1.8T Quattro SE & cost. Also how often does it require a service. [/...
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    Power steering warning on DIS

    Hi, I have what i believe to be a power steering fluid warning sign come up on the DIS (it is a circle with 3 dashes around each side), i toped up the power steering fluid but it did not clear the warning, It didn't look like it needed toping up but i added a little anyway. Anyone any ideas what...
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    Now am 21 i can finally get a 1.8 T :)

    Indeed my old A3 1.8T (1999) was in ming blue looked good too.....
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    A6 1.8T Quattrro SE, bhp?

    I've an S3 so i dont know much about A6, My friend is buying an A6 1.8T Quattrro SE Registered 15.09.2000 is this likely to be 184 bhp model? Cheers Chris
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    The S3 has to go......

    There will be a little Chris1.8T born soon and I plan to keep the S3, although i'm not sure about getting baby sick on my alcantara. Chris
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    Nuespeed anti-roll bars

    Cheers for the advice, thats what i wanted to hear. I'll drop it in to a somewhere to get them fitted AMD is a bit far really, anyone know of any closer tuners to Guildford Cheers Chris
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    Nuespeed anti-roll bars

    How easy is it to fit these, are any special tools required? Is it the sort of thing i can do on my drive on ramps? Chris