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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    SOLD. First person to see it bought it straight away. Gone to a good home.
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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    Price dropped again. £4295
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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    Dropped it off at Badger 5 today for cambelt/water pump and oil service.
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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    3 X new Goodyear Eagle F1's fitted this morning. Cambelt & oil service at B5 on Wednesday. Price dropped to £4795 ono.
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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    Can email more pics if anyone wants them- got plenty more!
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    Sold 2002 Avus Silver S3 (BAM 8L)

    Previous owners 3 Mileage 125K MOT 30/8/21 Full Service History- main dealer/independent specialist (service book is present and fully stamped) I have owned this car for nearly 7 years. It’s been an absolute joy to own and has been an incredibly reliable daily. It’s a truly stunning factory...
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    Found Silver S3 WANTED

    Did you get one in the end? My Avus silver S3 will be going up for sale this weekend. Lovely car, based in Gloucestershire, looked after for the last 6-7 years by Badger 5.
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    So outside of Audi... whats your favourite car?

    VW Corrado VR6
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    Front ARB Replacement Cost?

    Haven't really got the funds to upgrade- the outer plastic of the original bar is coming off on one side, making it knock. Think I'll just go standard front.
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    Can you name this hose

    Surely you could just buy the correct diameter silicon hose and cut it down? Would be much cheaper than buying the full set. Or, as above, just delete the N249.
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    Front ARB Replacement Cost?

    Thanks mate- thought it was pretty reasonable. They also quoted £307 for the R32 bar, but wouldn't I then need to change the rear bar as well?
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    Front ARB Replacement Cost?

    Anyone got a rough idea how much it will cost to change the front ARB (standard bar and bushes)? I've been quoted £277 inc parts & labour (inc alignment check).
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    Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Same as Bristle Hound- liked the first one- really disappointed with this. Just trying to cash in on the success of the first. Elton John was just embarrassing. It was also crazy loud, which didn't help.
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    Protyre (Gloucester) Wheel Alignment?

    Thanks fellas- puts my mind at rest. Hopefully the rear toe won't cause too many problems...