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    Revo sps3

    Hi There; Yes if it is switching you do have revo software on your vehicle. I would suggest going to your nearest revo dealer to get them to set your vehicle up correctly. there is no fuelling adjustment on the 1.8T just boost and timing. the SPS isn't a boost controller its a tuning aid, the...
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    revo's new cold air intake

    STaSIS Revo Performance Online Shop. Revo High Flow Air Intake System 2.0TFSI K03/K04 :) stockists can also be found here: STaSIS Revo Performance Online Shop
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    Remap help!

    Hi nicollow; If you contact me in the office on 01327 301 901 I will see what I can do for you, this thread has got quite far off topic, call me and i will help you come to some kind of resolve based on your personal preference. on to the topic of us "locking" ECU's with trial codes, no truth...
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    Anybody on stage 2 Revo?

    Hi There; do you know what the part number is on your ECU? (can check by either physically looking or with vag com). is your vehicle drive by wire? if so I will happily check if the ECU is flashable or not and if there is a STG2 available for your vehicle :) Best regards Carl
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    Revo SPS VAG software

    it's a human interface device, doesn't need any drivers.... make sure you have the dial at position 0 Hope this helps!
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    Having Revo taken off today

    There was a revision in the factory firmware of the ecu that clashed with Revo at partial throttle, this was fixed 6+ months ago guys and all your dealers were informed, get yourself down to your dealers for an update :-)Hope this helps!
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    In essence yes :) a bit more advanced that that but that's the core principle :)
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    The SPS will switch to stock maps, it does not re-flash your ecu and as such will not increment your flash counter or change your flash date as many of these cheap consumer re-flash tools do. There is also no chance of your ecu crashing when switching as with many other cheap consumer re-flash...
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    Induction kits

    two very different products....... i would sooner pull the air from the front of the car than the engine bay, simple physics......colder air outside. like I say I've driven and tried every set-up there is and I simply wouldn't use anything else! comparing apples to oranges and coming up with a...
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    Wot to do with the engine Ive jus bought ????

    For the sake of simplicity I'd use the 8L gearbox etc and just use the 2.0 engine :-)
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    Wot to do with the engine Ive jus bought ????

    uses the same mount's as the 8L chassis cars only problem is turbo/firewall clearance, nothing a hammer can't fix if you're committed.... there are a few MK1, MK2 golfs/jetta's that i know of that we've done immo off for and with a K04 and STG2+ there isn't much they can't keep up with ;-) the...
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    Induction kits

    I've tried lot's and without fail the ITG comes tops for me! RRP is £220+VAT iirc :)
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    Revo 5hr Trial

    correct :) Revo | Free Trial FAQ that should answer all your questions :)
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    MUSH Developments` S3

    personally i would run it as will prove to be of benefit during tuning :)
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    MUSH Developments` S3

    if it was being kept norrowband without VVT etc then the work involved would be massive and a waste of time but being that it's being converted to wideband it's worthwhile :)