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    2003 C5 with vibration from the back

    RS6 off the road.....sounds like rear diff trouble, anyone got any experience of this, feels like the rear end is welded!! when turning on hard lock and crusing at any speed there are regular thumps from the back end?. I'm thinking it could be: a, Rear diff not working corectly b, limited slip...
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    clutch needed and best remap for 3.0tdi

    my Torque converter is pants!, anyone got a spare for sale so I can get it refurbished and swap it out with my original? Thanks Carl
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    Well it's been an eventful month, the gearbox finally lost 1st with a bang and nothing more that idle acceleration would allow it to stay in gear so a second hand box was located and purchased, came with paperwork that showed it had been refurbished in 2013, only done 5k since and the car it...
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    Nottingham area

    welcome v8, another rs in town?, do you have fb?, if so watch the Audi owners group as lots of things get stuck on there, including my stuff!
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    Firstly I apologize for not being about for a while, MUCH has happened, let me explain....... Ok I knew that the gearbox was original when I brought the car last year and that at some point it would fail, which it did about a month ago. I found a reconditioned unit and arrange to collect it and...
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    Facelift Headlight Conversion

    These are prototypes and used for advertising, final cost to me was approx 400 however this did include a complete rebuild of the O/S unit as it was damaged sometime in the past, probably from a front end knock. Plus other bits and bobs for the front fogs, best to ask him for a quote. Mine were...
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    Facelift Headlight Conversion

    Trups from EM Tuning modified my existing lights.
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    Water / Methanol General Questions

    Guy's, I have approx 15 liters of 99.9% methanol which I no longer require, collection only from Nottingham, offers?
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    Why would a TDI smoke under load?

    20 minutes or so at 2-3k rpm to ensure it's give plenty of time to blow it's tubes out!, A lot of inner city cars are suffering DPF failures as they never get the chance to do a full regeneration and end up at the dealers plugged in to do a static regen. Deleted mine so after buying so never had...
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    Saving a white 3.0 quattro build thread.

    Great write up, lots of before and after stuff, nice one
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    Decided to go with Evans water less coolant as this seems a logical step, anyone else already using it?
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    Help! I've Lost My Only Key!

    any good auto locksmith will sort you out, ring them for quotes, and compare who's best for you, I had brought and A4 B6 with no key and fully programmed key was £100, (125 for a plip key), took him 40 minutes from arriving to driving away in the car
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    A4 sold!, lots of parts now available, ask for details

    A4 sold!, lots of parts now available, ask for details
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    Cassette player removal and upgrade

    double or single din?, I have a symphony 2 if you are interested?
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    Important Security Update...

    I've gone back to old skool mechanical a laptop every time!